Wacky Disco from Wonder kids

New for 2019!

Multi Award winning entertainer brings a brand new concept to Disco’s

Wayne Wonder can now provide a two hour disco party like no other. All the lights and music are there but this disco comes with Wayne Wonder’s crazy antics and circus skills.

Introducing the Challenge Wheel

Periodically throughout the party the Challenge Wheel gets spun to pick at random a challenge for someone at the disco to complete. These come in all shapes and sizes, they might be an original game for everyone to play like Asteroids or a smaller game like Junk in the Trunk, these may even be something hilarious like a custard pie challenge or a head twisting challenge. This unique concept makes every Wacky Disco different, you just never know what is coming next.

Wacky Disco’s are suitable for children aged 6-11yrs and fill a whole two hour party. We start with a welcome and some nice easy original games and dance competitions for the first hour. We then stop for a short break for party food, drinks and Wayne Wonder even has a new concept for getting the kids seated for party food. After the food we introduce the challenge wheel where this already Wacky Disco goes off the rails.

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