Wayne Wonder is a multi award winning magician and entertainer, he has over the years developed unique shows specifically designed for the different age groups at primary schools. So wether you would prefer to split the age groups or have a mixed age event, you can book Wayne Wonder in the knowledge that the show will be brilliant for them. Mixed age group shows are lots of fun and have a range of levels of material to appeal to a broad audience. We also offer special themed shows for Christmas and Halloween to really bring the magic of the season alive.

Wayne Wonder is a full time professional entertainer and has been for over a decade, you can find out more about our founder here.

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Early Years 3-5yr olds

We have developed special shows for nursery/pre-schools plus shows just for reception classes too. We can also provide a magical Christmas show for you too


KS1 5-7yr olds

This is the ideal age for our amazing magic shows. One hour shows featuring loads of jaw dropping magic and illusions. These shows have to be seen to be believed.


KS2 7-11yr olds

As they get older we ramp up the energy and the jeopardy with our Wacky Disco. Full disco events but we have the unique challenge wheel! You never know what’s coming next with our Wacky Disco’s