Extra Curricular Activities

Wonder Kids is now bringing our creativity to schools in Gloucestershire, we have won multiple awards for our birthday party ideas and our online activity blog is followed by thousands every week for the unique ideas that we share. We now want to bring this creativity into schools and align them with the National Curriculum. These activities are all going to based on interactivity and fun, covering topics that we really care about including STEM subjects and the Arts. This is just the start so please do come back soon to see what we add next.

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Fun, interactive sessions that get kids excited about food and new ingredients, cooking healthy savoury dishes whilst also covering food science and food sources. Learning about the principles of a healthy diet is important for every child. Every year, the NHS spends £10billion treating people with diet-related illnesses, from obesity to diabetes to heart disease. Almost 20 per cent of children are obese by the time they leave primary school.

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A new Extra Curricular Activity coming soon

Check back here soon for another exciting new topic that we will be covering.