Wether you are looking for some fun for a rainy day in or you want some games outside on a hot summer’s day, maybe you are looking to plan a birthday party? You have come to the right place. Wonder Kids is run by a professional Childrens entertainer and we have compiled the biggest and best collection of fun ideas right here. Take a look at some the current hottest ideas below or try the search bar above and search for something like Minecraft, Frozen or something more generic like dancing, games or even robots.

The Captain Calamity Adventures - EPISODE 22: (Make & Do) - Frozen Treasure Trail More details of Frozen Game can be found at: Join Captain Calamity and Wayne Wonder for a distinctly frosty show. Its a great 'make and do' project that you'll love and it's inspired by Disney's Frozen.

Hot Crafts

Two of the hottest crafts on the site at the moment, give them a try or check out some of our latest blog posts below.

Genie lamp

Genie Lamp

Enjoy the new Aladdin film with your own genie lamp.

Hulk Slime from Wonder Kids

Hulk Slime

Try one of our many different slime recipes

Hot Games

Here are just two of our favourite games to try, try the search bar or the blog posts below for more great game ideas.

Floating Ball

Giant floating balls, kids love these, I use them at almost every party, ball stays inflated for about 30mins.

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Dancing Word

I love this game, you need a bowl and lots of words written on small pieces of paper. This can either be prepared by you in advance or the kids can write some words down. The kids will take it in turns to pull out a piece of paper, read it aloud and then they need to come up with a dance move to match the word. So something like the word Sprinkler, someone would now need to dance like a sprinkler, maybe by throwing their hands in the air and moving round like a sprinkler. Everyone will need to copy it and the person chosen now gets to pick the next person to come up.

Some ideas to get you started:-

Easy ideas are things like Fortnight, Breakdance, Tap

Try these too:-

  • Karate Chop

  • Shopping Trolley

  • Download

  • Wrestling

  • Flower

  • Car

  • Balloon

  • Aeroplane

  • Running Man

  • Electric

Free Han Solo Party Game.png

Star Wars Games

Water pass Game

Water Games

Enjoy the sun with this simple but fun game

Party Planning

Wonder Kids has everything you need to put together a brilliant party for your little one this year, We can provide jaw dropping magic parties, Sleepover Parties and even Birthday in a Box kits but first let’s check out some top party planning tips.

Party Table.png

Party Tables

Best layout and what not to do.

Party Guests.png

Inviting Guests

When, Who, How many?

Pass the Parcel copy.png

Pass the Parcel

Level up your next game with these great tips


Don’t get hurt

Play this game safely and have fun

Looking for decoration ideas? Here are just some of our favourite ones we have covered recently, click on them to find out more. If you are looking for a certain theme then try the search bar below, we might have covered it already.

Party Invitations

You won’t find a bigger selection of FREE party invitations anywhere else. Our ever growing range has all the top themes, our founder Wayne Wonder has his own original invites and we keep up with all the fun trends that come along too. Smash that button below to check out the full library.

Invite Bundle-2.png

Join the Magic School, it’s free and we have just finished our first series. Learn loads of great tricks to impress the kids or help the kids put on a magic show. Just click on one of the tricks below to find the secret magic school.