Hello and Welcome to the Kids Kitchen.  So over the years I may have mentioned just once or twice my love for cooking and how important I think it is to get kids to be really knowledgable in the kitchen.  It will really set them on a path to be a responsible adult and hopefully provide them with a healthy relationship with food where they make good choices for their adult diet.  

Obviously the kitchen can be a dangerous place and kids should always be supervised but at the same time I think for young children (under 10) their time in the kitchen needs to be fun.  This is where Wonder Kids comes in.  I have come up with cooking ideas that can tie into some of their favourite films and times of year.  As well as some great simple ways of doing a dish that kids always love.  

Halloumi Fajitas

Halloumi Fajitas

A fun family meal created as part of our CoCo coverage.

Pizza Cookies

TMNT Pizza Cookies

Inspired by the Ninja Turtles, tase are easy and go down a storm!

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