Welcome to Magic School

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Hello and welcome to my brand new Magic School, every week I am going to share a very magical video with you. Most of the time I will be showing you how to create some amazing miracles just with things that are easy to find around the home or that are easily available from local shops. Hopefully in the future I will have some brilliant guests on to and from time to time I will drop a video of me performing some amazing magic so that you can still feel like a muggle. Even magicians like to be fooled sometimes.

Im going to be filming these shows in series of about 15-20 episodes per series plus maybe some bonus videos if we have guests join us, this allows me to plan my time better and hopefully you should see that every series we can make little tweaks and make every series better than the one before it.

Now before you start learning some magic, make sure you do three things…..

Practise, Practise, Practise

The more you practise the tricks the better they will be and don’t worry if a trick goes wrong every now and then, it happens to every magician, even I still have magic tricks go wrong sometimes.

I hope you enjoy the videos and fooling all your friends and family, make sure you come back every Saturday morning for a new video.