No Grey Elephants in Denmark

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I have a brilliant feat of Mentalism for you to learn this week. So far at the magic school we haven’t really touched much on Mentalism. Mentalism is a fancy word for doing magic with your mind so this covers things like reading someones mind, making something move with out touching it and a whole bunch of other effects.

Don’t fear we will be back with videos very soon, Im editing more videos every day and we will be back in a week or so with videos.

This week I am going to show a really fun Mind Reading trick that works 90-95% of the time, there may be the odd occasion when it doesn’t work. So here we go, i’m just going to do it, you can try and then I will explain in a moment.

Just follow each step below carefully, you will need a pen, piece of paper and maybe a calculator

Pick a Number between 1 and 10

X 2, Multiply by 2

+8, Add 8 to your number

Divide by 2

Take Away your original number

You Should have a number between 1 and 26

Match your new number to a letter


Take that letter and think of a country that starts with it


Stick with the first letter of your country and we are going to use the next one in the alphabet so if you had A use B, if you had B use C etc

Think of an animal that starts with the new letter

Now think of the colour of that animal


Keep Thinking of the Country you picked, The Animal and the Colour, Im going to try and read your mind

That’s Odd There Are No Grey Elephant’s in Denmark!


Did it work? Were you thinking of a grey elephant in Denmark? Let me know if it did or not in the comments below. As long as you followed the steps it should work most of the time. It’s starts off by using maths to force the number 4 on you. The number 4 of course leads you to the letter D and there are not many countries on the world that start with the letter “D” so most people will think of Denmark.

This then means that the next letter is “E” and again there aren’t many animals starting with an “E”, Elephant will be the most popular but you might get someone say Eagle or eel but most people will say Elephant.

Most elephants are Grey so by the end most people will be thinking of Grey Elephants in Denmark.

Print out Free Guide Cards.png

Try it again and start with a different number between 1 and 10 and see if you still get D for Denmark.

This is a self working trick all you need to do is make sure the person you do it on is following the steps correctly so making sure they have a pen, paper and maybe a calculator will help to make sure they don’t make mistakes.

To help with this I have included a free download of cards that you can use to help explain each step, this also helps you to not forget a step too. They are printed as 2 steps per page so you can cut them in half after printing them, there is a grey cut Lin for you to cut along.