Party Kits

Each themed party box contains a choice of plates, cups, table cover, napkins and balloons to match the choice of theme. Take the stress out of planning a party and let us send you one kit with everything you need to throw a brilliant party.

The key to these party kits is the idea of running a small party, each Party Kit comes in two sizes:-

Small for up to 8 children and Regular for up to 16 children

Small parties are a lot of fun and can be super easy to do from home. This means that you save a whole bunch of time and money when using these kits, we show you step by step how to put on a brilliant party that the kids will love.

We have never seen any other Party Kits that no only includes the tableware and decorations but each kit comes with pre-filled party bags, Invitations, sweets, prizes and a secret online portal for all the themed games to include. We even provide a music playlist for you to use!

Wonder Kids Party Kits designed by a professional entertainer for everyone

Star Wars Party Box.png

Star Wars Party Box

Train to become a Jedi and fight the First Order! Kit comes complete with all the decorations, invites, party bags and even Jedi Academy certificates. The games will take you on a wild party with Yavin 4 Racing, Millennium Falcon Repairs and even a Kyber Crystal Hunt.  Find out more details below and the full contents of the box.

Minecraft Party Box

Throw an amazing Minecraft party with green & black decorations and tableware.  This kit has loads of Minecraft themed games like Minefield which uses the included Minecraft Torch, Minecraft snake, a no props Minecraft game and loads more.  Find out more details below and the full contents of the box.


Paw Patrol Party Box

Get your puppies dancing with this unique Paw Patrol party in a box. You can take full credit for making an awesome Paw Patrol Party.  This kit includes a Paw Patrol playlist for all the music needed at a party plus everything you need for amazing games including a pre wrapped and ready to go Pass the Parcel.  All you need to do is press play and pause on the music.


Alice In Wonderland Party Box

Go down the rabbit hole and create a brilliant Alice in Wonderland tea party at home for a small group of friends this year. This brilliant kit includes all the music, decorations, invites, party bags, games, prizes, sweets and equipment you need! Making a brilliant party for your little one a doddle this year.