Party Boxes

Wonder Kids offers the best range of Birthday Party solutions from professional entertainers, sleepover parties, free party downloads through our blog and now the most affordable and unique party option ever.  The idea is to host a small birthday party for no more than 16 children.  This can be at home or in a small hall, parties like this are completely different to a full class party.  Much more intimate and you will be able to get loads more photo's and video's that you can look back on in years to come.  Each Party Box is themed and we have many more themes coming very soon so watch this space. 


Minecraft Party Box

Throw an amazing Minecraft party with green & black decorations and tableware.  This kit has loads of Minecraft themed games like Minefield which uses the included Minecraft Torch, Minecraft snake, a no props Minecraft game and loads more.  Find out more details below and the full contents of the box.


Paw Patrol Party Box

Get your puppies dancing with this unique Paw Patrol party in a box. You can take full credit for making an awesome Paw Patrol Party.  This kit includes a Paw Patrol playlist for all the music needed at a party plus everything you need for amazing games including a pre wrapped and ready to go Pass the Parcel.  All you need to do is press play and pause on the music.


Alice In Wonderland Party Box

Go down the rabbit hole and create a brilliant Alice in Wonderland tea party at home for a small group of friends this year. This brilliant kit includes all the music, decorations, invites, party bags, games, prizes, sweets and equipment you need! Making a brilliant party for your little one a doddle this year.