Minecraft Party Box Small or Regular

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Minecraft Party Box Small or Regular

from 60.00

Throw an amazing Minecraft party with green & black decorations and tableware.  This kit has loads of Minecraft themed games like Minefield which uses the included Minecraft Torch, Minecraft snake, a no props Minecraft game and loads more.

Ideal for Minecraft fans, A Complete Minecraft themed birthday in a box. Your child and their friends become the stars of the party with a non stop action birthday party for tons of Minecraft fun.

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Small birthday parties are amazing!  The small kit has enough equipment for up to 8 children and the regular kit has everything you need for up to 16 children.

Now multi-award winning children's entertainer Wayne Wonder brings you a complete birthday party in a box. As well as the physical box that includes everything listed below this Party Box kit comes complete with access to a secret website which walks you through the start of the party and sending out invites all the way to welcoming your guests, which order to play the games and why, scripts, how to play the games, how to avoid mistakes, what music to play and a free playlist you can use.  There are even top tips and how to avoid pitfalls and recipes for Minecraft party food that are super simple.

This party box has everything you need like;

Decorations including - 

  • Tablecloth

  • Plates

  • Napkins

  • cups

  • bunting

  • balloons

  • ribbon

  • blu-tac

The key element to any successful party is all inclusive games, this party box has enough creative games to last 60 minutes (approx) featuring

  • Minecraft Snake

  • Minefield

  • Musical Blocks

  • Creeper Balloon

  • Minecraft Bingo

  • and more

All the props, supplies, prizes and even a pack of hairbo sweets are included in the box.  After the Party every guest receives one of our amazing party bags.  The party bags are large high quality activity packs complete with a plastic clip handle.  Throughout the party the kids win prizes whilst playing the games, these prizes get added to the party bags to build the best party bags you have ever seen. Included in the party bags are:

  • Colouring book

  • crayons

  • activity book

  • dot-to-dot book

  • word searches

  • add prizes won throughout the party


Prizes included in the kit:-

  • Rainbow Slinky

  • Googley Eye hand puppets

  • Bubbles

  • Balloon Helicopters

  • Magnetic Fish

  • Bouncy Balls

Organisation materials

  • Party Invites

  • Guest List

  • Party checklist