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This is our last Christmas post but fear not, I have linked all of our past Christmas fun at the bottom of this post so take your time and go through dozens of great Christmas ideas. This week I am going to share a few brilliant games starting with the Left & Right Game. First though I have scoured through the Wonder Kids site and found some great family games that can be used for Christmas.

Reindeer Antler Game

Christmas Bingo

Name that Christmas Tune

Frozen Naughts and Crosses

Snowball Toss

Snow Paint

this is a very funny and chaotic game, you will need to wrap a present for each of your guests. I like to split it 50/50 with half the gifts being nice presents and the other half are gag gifts. I have linked to some good gag gifts below, none of these gifts should be really expensive. Each guest holds a present and as you read the story the guest continously move the gifts around. In the end the gifts are completely mixed up.

Christmas Song Game

Christmas Song Pictionary

Another super simple and great game to play, we have the cards available as a free printable to just click on the button below to download them. We like to use a large whiteboard and markers, you can work in teams or as individuals. Kids vs Adults? They take the top card from the pile and try to draw clues as to what song it is. It;’s best to print the cards on bright white card stock, the thickest your printer will accept and then just cut them out.

Magical Santa Coin

Now available directly from us here at Wonder Kids, these coins come directly from Santa in the North Pole, okay not really but imagine leaving out some snacks for Santa and his Reindeer on Christmas Eve, when your kids come down on Christmas morning they see that the carrot has been eaten etc and left in it’s place are one of these magical coins from Santa! I think these will be cherished for years. Take Christmas to the next level this year.

Magical Santa Coin
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Make Christmas extra magical this year with these solid brass Santa’s Coins. These beautiful coins will be treasured forever.

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Chubby Bunny

This is a very funny game and great for getting funny videos and pictures. All you need is a bunch of marshmallows and a very big mouth. Check out the video below to see me loose miserably to the very large mouthed Captain.

Marshmallow Challenge with Wayne Wonder Bonus Video Wayne Wonder takes on Captain Calamity's 'Chubby Bunny Marshmallow Challenge'. The rules are simple. You must place as many marshmallows in your mouth as possible whilst repeating the phrase 'Chubby Bunny'. If you swallow a marshmallow; you loose. If you are unable to say 'Chubby Bunny'; you loose.

Candy Cane Catch

Candy Cane Catch

This is by far the trickiest of all the games. It’s very deceptive that it looks so easy to do, all you need to do is flip a candy cane and have it hook onto the tinsel or ribbon. Simple right?

Tie a piece of ribbon or twine from one post or chair to another. Players must stand on top of the chairs and try to be the first to drop a candy cane from the chair onto the ribbon and get it to stay there. Play until the first player gets a candy cane to catch on the ribbon or see who can get the most in a minute. Also like bottle flipping the kids can stand in front of the ribbon/tinsel and try to flip the candy cane onto it, the further back they are the harder it gets.