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Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful and since we’ve got no place to go , let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Welcome to a brand new month here on Wonder Kids and this month we are going to expand on our Christmas fun already available throughout the site. It has been three years since we really covered Christmas and we have tons of new ideas. Now before we get on with the new ideas, make sure you make the most of this site by using the links at the bottom of the page of all our past Christmas/Winter fun.

Now before we kick off with this weeks ideas, make sure you check out our top predictions for this years hottest toys.

Magnetic Advent Calender

This week we are going to explore some great and super easy home made Advent Calenders. I came about writing this post because my wife makes our daughter a advent calendar every, our daughter has never had one of this store bought advent calenders with the chocolates behind every door. Lets start with this super simple idea. It uses those small magnetic jars for spices and herbs which can be found anywhere however I have linked to some to save you some time. These jars normally come with clear lids so that you can see which spice is inside but for this you will need to print out numbers and put them in the lid. You can then fill the jars with whatever treat you like. It’s simple genius and sits on any magnetic surface, the kids will love this.

I love these homemade advent calendar ideas but the challenge is always what to fill them with that the kids will love but also won’t break the bank. I have included 12 great gift ideas below to get you started but you can also put a voucher for an activity/craft for you to do together as a family too. I think the kids actually enjoy these more than the gifts too.

How about some ideas for family friendly activities? Well you can just spend a few minutes having a look around this site but I thought I would have a little search around and find some good things to get you started so here are ten great activities you can add to your advent calender.

Reverse Advent Calender-2.png

Reverse Advent Calender

This is a super idea, as a society (in Britain) we all make or contribute to food hampers for the Harvest festival but I don’t see any reason why we don’t do it for Christmas too and what a great way to get the family involved. Every day you add an item to the box and then donate towards Christmas to a local charity or just a family going through some hard times. It doesn’t just have to be food either you can do a toy one too.

Here are two local charities to me that we donate to, you will find similar causes near you too.

Gloucester City Mission

Gloucester Food Bank

Advent Wreath from Wonder Kids

Advent Wreath

Heres what you’ll need:

  • 18-inch Wood Wreath Ring 

  • Spray Paint (color of choice...this is for the wood wreath) 

  • Favor Tins (these are in the wedding section...a pack of 30 is $20...use a coupon)

  • Velcro Squares (2 packages) 

  • Garland of your choice

  • Number Stickers of choice (this was the most expensive thing because you will need 3 packages to have enough of the number 1 and 2...scrapbooking supplies are ridiculously expensive!)

  • Wire (to hang the wreath)

  • Wire Cutters 

  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

How to:

  • Spray wreath with paint and let dry.

  1. Arrange the tins around the wreath and attach with the velcro squares.

  2. Cut garland pieces to fit between each tin and glue with hot glue gun. Embellish how you like.

  3. String wire through one of the pre-made holes in the wreath. This will be the top.

  4. Apply the numbers to the tops of the tins and fill with candy/gift

Magical Santa Coin

Now available directly from us here at Wonder Kids, these coins come directly from Santa in the North Pole, okay not really but imagine leaving out some snacks for Santa and his Reindeer on Christmas Eve, when your kids come down on Christmas morning they see that the carrot has been eaten etc and left in it’s place are one of these magical coins from Santa! I think these will be cherished for years. Take Christmas to the next level this year, just click on the pic for more details.

Magical Santa Coin
7.99 9.99

Make Christmas extra magical this year with these solid brass Santa’s Coins. These beautiful coins will be treasured forever.

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Cracker Advent from Wonder Kids

Last but certainly not least is one of my favourite options and i’m sure my wife did something similar to this years ago for our daughter. It’s very simple, just start collecting old Toilet roll tubes, fill with you r gift/activity/treat etc. Wrap the entire roll in tissue paper and for an added effect wrap it again in some decorative craft paper. They can be hot glued together to be hung in one location or split them up into different locations around the house.