Muppets Activity Pack

Muppets Activities from 2014

This month we have more muppets than you can fit in a barrel! One of my all time favourite films is A Muppets Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens and puppets, it doesn't get much better.

Lets start how we mean to go on, check out this cool muppets car! best made out of the thickest paper your printer can handle, and super easy to make. Just click on the picture for the free printable template.

Ok, so that may take a little time to put together so you may need a distraction to buy you some time so here is a great Kermit/Constantine colouring picture.  Cut it out and stick it up for your very own wanted picture.  

This next item is my favourite and its super easy! My wife had to work one evening leaving myself and my daughter on our own so we put on the Muppets Most Wanted film and made these great puppets.  Then we did our best impressions of each of the puppets as they came on the screen, great fun! Tip - mix up your impressions with the wrong characters for great comedy effect, so animals crazy voice with the Miss Piggy puppet etc.

Here's a quick little thing, a muppet door hanger, you could even use these as a fun book mark if you like, click on the image for the free download.

So we are nearly at the end, and this is the big one.  I haven't tried this one yet but I really want to.  I think this would be very popular with kids.  I can see them wanting to add their own toys onto the stage too!