Inside Out - Fun Balls

Inside Out Fun Balls

This week I have re-worked something I came across last year.  These balls are super easy to make and don't make too much mess but if you want to make them with the kids I would recommend doing them outside.  They are very inexpensive and I am currently using them to play some games in my shows.  I have found them to be very sturdy and I haven't had one break yet. Before we get onto them of course a classic for Wonder Kids is colouring pages so here are a few Inside out colouring pages, just click on them to print them out.

Inside Out Fun Balls

Lets get started, here is what you need:

  • Red, green, blue, yellow and purple ballons, you need 3 or more of each colour

  • Scissors

  • Flour

  • Bottle

  • Funnel

  • Black Sharpie

Slip the end of the balloon over the flour filled bottle and then let it untwist.  Turn your bottle upside down and empty the flour into the balloon.Then let the excess air out of the balloon very carefully and a little at a time (you do not want the flour to all come out too)!

Once you have all the air out of the balloon cut the neck of the balloon off. Take a second balloon and cut the neck off it and place your first filled balloon in to it (hole first), then repeat until you have at least three balloons.  I did four layers.

You can now draw faces on the balls, yes you can just get the kids to draw the characters from Inside Out or you can get the kids to draw each others faces or draw a face to show how they are feeling at the moment?  You can now play all sorts of ball games with these.  I use them for ball and spoon races in my shows and because they are never perfectly spherical they tend to fall off a lot which makes the game harder and funnier.

Emoti faces on balls