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Ninja Games from Wonder Kids

Welcome to another great week of TMNT fun. This week we have some brilliant games you can play with your little ninja’s. We have already explored some easy TMNT crafts and tasty snacks so I have linked to those at the bottom of this post.

Make sure you try the search bar at the top of every blog post, we found some great Ninja themed games before we start on this weeks post.

Hip Hop Martial Arts

Samaurai Pillow Fight

Laser Maze

Musical Manholes

This game is just like the classic party game musical chairs except instead of chair you will use manhole lids.  Create the manhole lids using black or grey poster board.  Cut them into circles and write NYC SEWER on each one.  You can get more creative if you like, some parents have printed out lid images from the internet and pasted them on.  You will need enough lids for all the players minus one.

TO PLAY:  Place all of the lids on a circle on the floor.  Have the children walk in a circle around them while the music is playing.  If you have the TMNT theme song it would be awesome.  Stop the music randomly, at this point each child must rush to stand on a manhole lid (only one child per lid) .  The child that does not get to a lid in time is out.  Now remove one of the lids and continue playing until only one child remains.  They are the winner.

Sensai Says game from Wonder Kids

Sensei Says

Play this game just like “Simon Says”, but instead say Sensei Says.  You can use commands such as “Sensei says Punch”, and “Sensei says kick”, just make sure children are spaced far enough apart that they can’t accidentally punch and kick one another.

Pizza Box Relay Race from Wonder Kids

Pizza Box Relay Race

Divide the players into two teams.  Give each team 5 empty pizza boxes.  On the start of go the first player from each team must balance the five pizza boxes on their head (they can use their hands to hold them in place) and race across the playing area to the check point and back to their team. 

 They then pass them to the next player on their team and that child runs the course.  The first team who completes the race wins.  If pizza boxes are dropped they must stop and pick them up and continue on with the race.

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Pin the Mask on the turtle from Wonder Kids

Pin The Mask

You can print this off and play Pin the Mask on the Ninja. Just click on the pics to print them off. You will need some blindfolds for the kids too.

Ok are you ready for this? This is how you can make a super easy but Awesome TMNT Piñata. We have a whole guide on how to play Piñata’s for different age groups, just click on the picture below.

Piñata Guide from Wonder Kids

Here’s What you need to make this Piñata

  • Newspaper, torn into large strips

  • Cornflour (cornstarch) glue - made in a moment by mixing cornflour with hot water

  • A balloon (the regular kind) and a bowl for balancing it on

  • Green serviettes/paper napkins/tissue paper

  • Green duct tape, a craft knife & string for hanging

  • Two large googly eyes and a hot glue gun (or double sided tape) for sticking

  • One felt Ninja Turtle mask (see below for instructions)

  • Wrapped sweets for filling

Make your own Piñata
  1. Cover the balloon completely with one layer of papier mâché by dipping the newspaper strips in the cornflour glue and applying

  2. Draw a circle at the top of the balloon and leave this area empty (this will be our hole for filling the Piñata later)

  3. Next, rip the green serviettes in large strips and layer over the still-wet papier mâché. 

  4. Apply extra glue if needed; cover the balloon completely with the green serviettes

  5. Balance your green balloon on a bowl somewhere warm to dry. It will take 2-3 days to dry completely. (You will need to turn it occasionally as the top dries faster)

  6. When your papier mâché is completely dry and hard, pop the balloon and strengthen the edges of your hole with green duct tape. then use a craft knife to poke four holes and thread with your hanging string as shown.

  7. Tie on your felt ninja turtle mask and stick on your googly eyes - we're almost there

  8. Fill your turtle head with the wrapped sweets; hang it up and bash the heck out of it, while blindfolded - Great Fun!