Alice In Wonderland - Wonderful Ideas

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This month's theme is Alice In Wonderland, one of my daughters favourite stories, in fact it was the theme for her 6th Birthday party.    I have two great crafts for you today and every week we will delve deeper down the rabbit hole.

Playing Card Bow Tie from Wonder kIds

Playing Card Bow Ties

These are a great, super easy craft to make.  You could use them as decorations for a party or as part of an Alice in wonderland costume. You'll need

  • Playing Cards (any will work but I prefer Bicycle Poker Sized Cards, buy them below)

  • Black Tape ( I used electrical tape but wash tape or duct tape should work too.

Bicycle Standard Index Playing Cards (Pack of 2)£4.99

Just follow the steps below for this great bow tie.  Take one playing card and you need to concertina fold the card length ways to create a long spring.  Now just pinch the middle of the card and wrap the black electrical tape around the middle.  As a final touch gently spread the wings out a little to get that bow tie look.

Alice in Wonder Pocket Watch Craft

Pocket Watch

This is a great fun activity and I love something fun that can drop a little knowledge into our kids minds whilst being creative too.  This is a great activity to do especially if your little ones are learning to tell time at the moment. As my daughter is, when putting the numbers on the clock you can take your time and copy it from a clock and go through different times and how the clock hands work.

What you'll need

  • Glass

  • card stock (cereal box)

  • Craft paper Coloured

  • Plain white paper

  • Pencil

  • Split pin

  • Glue stick

  • Wool (any colour)

  • Little strip of tape

  • Scissors

I pre-cut the pieces, pictured above, out of thin cardboard and construction paper, after cutting a quick, pocket watch template, using a drinking glass as a guide. ...and white circles onto the front, or inside of the watch, so they could draw numbers onto one, as a watch face...

Now the kids can glue the yellow construction paper onto the back of the cardboard piece and white circles onto the front, or inside of the watch, so they could draw numbers onto one, as a watch face...and sketch little portraits onto the other, for the picture they might like to keep in their watch cases.  I poked a hole in the center of the watch attach the construction paper hands through, with a metal fastener. We found encasing the hands in clear tape before punching holes in them, made them less likely to rip loose, and easier to turn.

We are nearly finished, just punch a hole in the top of the pocket watch and thread the wool through it.  Attach this to a loop on their trousers and you're all done.