Marvel - Iron Man and Thor

Thor and Iron Man Fun

This week I am going to show you some great fun ideas for Iron Man and and Thor. We are going to try and go through every super hero in the MCU stable so make sure you come back regularly for more super hero fun.

Make Thors Hammer

I have pictured and written the instructions below but this is one of those builds that have been featured on You Tube channels so you could just watch the video.

The Captain Calamity Adventures - Episode 37: The Hammer of Thor (Make 'N' Do) In this episode; Thor gets a hammering as Wayne Wonder teaches Captain Calamity and Crew how to create the weapon of this very special and very famous Marvel Super Hero and Viking God.

Here's what you need to make this super easy and awesome Thor Hammer.

  • Tissue Box full

  • Paper Towl Tube

  • Duct Tape

  • Kitchen Foil

  • Parcel paper or brown fable (sticky back plastic)

I started with a full tissue box, to lend weight to the hammer. I put my paper towel tube into the opening of the box, and began running duct tape around to secure it. I tried to run it in straight lines to keep a “clean” hammer appearance. Once you have secured the tissue box to the tube, take the tin foil and ball it up, stuffing it into the opening of the tube. This gives your cardboard handle some stuffing to brace the heavy box (and tiny grips!)

Wrap duct tape around the rest of the tube, over the end, and finish covering the box. An extra layer will add support to both the “hammer” and the “handle”. Once you are fully covered, take an 8×10 piece of brown paper, duct tape paper, or vinyl, and wrap around the center of the “handle”. I used vinyl for mine, since I always have it on hand. And you’re done!! That’s all there is to it. Took me less than twenty minutes! That hammer is STILL hanging around today, almost six months later.

Thor Hammer from Amazon

Thor Hammer from Amazon

How about a game using this hammer? You can also just buy Thor’s hammers online so here is one you can for on Amazon for about a tenner You can play this two different ways, either use a circle of masking tape on the floor, making sure it's big enough to fit the hammer inside the circle.  Then you'll need more than one hammer, maybe three or four which is why my super simple home made hammers are ideal.  The winner is whoever gets their hammer closest to the centre of the circle.  The version below is a more like ten pin bowling, stack polystyrene or paper cups up in a pyramid.  Plastic cups are too light so don't use them. Now stand back and throw the hammers, one hammer per pyramid, the winner is the person who knocks over the most cups.

Hammer Throw game from Wonder Kids

One more Thor hammer idea and then we will move onto Iron Man, How about these super easy Thor hammers, cut cheese up into cubes and stick in either a large pretzel stick or twiglet, you could even try using a Mikado. It doesn't get much easier than this folks.

Thor Snacks.jpg

I have a couple of great Iron man themed games for you here, remember he flies, he’s quick and he has super powerful blasters in his hands.

Building Box

Save the People

Blow up a bunch of balloons and draw faces on them. Evil faces for villains, and happy faces for the people. Have the children pop the villain balloons and gather up all the people balloons (saving them from the villains). They can’t just pop balloons like crazy, they have to see whether it’s a good guy or a bad guy. You could have a large box set to one side decorated to look like a building, so all the good people have to be put to safety in the building. If you want to make this easier you can use different coloured balloons but I would prefer to use white, peach and brown balloons, you can even get balloons with faces already printed and by adjusting their eyebrows you can give them an angry face. Now the only instance where I would use the skin tone pallet of balloons would be if I was to add in “Monsters” use some polka dot or Super Agate (yes that is their real name) balloons as “Monsters”. Anyone that manages to pop a monster gets an extra prize. I like the Super Agate’s because they are really thick balloons and quite difficult to pop.

Many years ago I used to do big balloon releases as part of my work as an entertainer (I haven’t done them for almost ten years now) We would use the Super Agate’s because they are so thick they could easily travel to different countries.

Transforming Routine

Tony Stark is also known for quickly calling on his amour to transform into Iron Man so you could get an Iron Man suit (dress up) but make sure it’s slightly bigger than the kids playing or you can use an old suit, hat, and tie and form two teams. Then have each member dress and undress themselves the fastest while blindfolded. The team that wins is the one that each team member has finished dressing and undressing.

Iron man Snacks

Ok so we are nearly done today but make sure you come back soon to discover more Marvel Avengers fun. Before we go make sure you try out some other ideas below and these tasty Iron man kebabs which are just strawberries and pineapple.