Birthday Party Guide - Inviting Guests

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This is always a great thing to talk to your child about, they are either going to say they only want three friends or a hundred, I don't think there is going to be much middle ground.  Many entertainers impose limits on the number of children you can have so that is something to bear in mind if you are planning on having a professional entertainer at the party.  

As a professional entertainer myself I know that 20-30 kids works really well at parties.  Personally I don't set any limits in fact I actually set a minimum number at 15, so as long as you have more than 15 I'm happy.  For a big magic show like what I do you need an atmosphere and you need the kids to feel comfortable with their friends so 15 is a really good minimum. Children's confidence very much builds with numbers so less than 15 children makes the kids feel very self conscious and they are not going to communicate back to the entertainer nearly as much as a bigger audience would.  Here are some great free downloads I have created for you, so that you can keep track of who you have invited and wether they have RSVP’d. I have also put together a pretty comprehensive Party Checklist so that you don’t forget anything important like birthday candles or a knife for the cake. You’ll be surprised how many times this happens.

Why set an upper limit?  I'm not sure, personally I love big parties, as long as the kids can fit into the venue and are not packed in like sardines, then big parties always seem to go down a storm for me and I make sure that my show is big enough for everyone to get involved with.  

Small Home Parties

Over the past 5 years I have seen a huge increase for small home parties. I’ll be honest as an entertainer these are always the toughest parties to perform at but as a parent these are always my favourite parties and I think my daughter prefers them too. You see having just a few kids round your house makes it a much quieter and peaceful affair compared to a full class party, the kids will listen more, you’ll get much better photo’s and videos to look back on the years to come, it’s much easier to plan and prepare for and it costs a whole lot less. This is where I came up with our Party Kit’s, everything you need in one kit to throw a brilliant small birthday from home. I have linked to them below for more info and also our sleepover ideas too.

All Boys vs All Girls 

Here's a good thing to discuss with your little ones.  Most kids would have a preference, personally I don't mind either way, as long as I know before hand so I can prep my show accordingly.  I know some entertainers will not do all boy parties which I think is a great shame as I have had some brilliant parties with an all boy audience, the energy is crazy!  Ideally having a few more girls than boys really makes a huge difference in lowering that boisterousness that can get out of control with too many boys.

So to recap, If you are having a whole class party try to get more than 15 kids but less than 35 and have a good mix of boys and girls.  Maybe try a smaller party this year at home have between 5 and 10 kids, play some games, play with toys. This very blog contains literally hundreds of fun activities you can try or even try one of our Party Kits. I hope you have found this post useful and make sure you come back soon for more great tips and advice.  Below I have linked to just a small selection of fun ideas but try typing anything you like into the search bar above for more great fun.