Top Secret Spies - Mission Control

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Welcome to the second week of our Top Secret Spies fun. This week we'll discover your agent code name, As well as provide you with you Top Secret Passes. To top everything off we will even give you some cool printable decorations too.

First lets discover what your secret agent code name is! Mine is Gunner Stealthy, which I'm very happy with. Use the first letter of your first name for the first column and then the first letter of your second name for the second column. Post in the comments below what names you come up with, I would love to see them.

Just click on the picture for the free download

Once you know your new Agent Code Name you can fill pin the Secret Agent Cards below.  First fill in the agent number, these should be 001, 002, 003, 007 etc add your new code name and you can even fit these cards into a lanyard to be worn throughout a party too. These awesome cards are a free download and the QR codes actually work, to scan them you may need a QR scanning app (I'm writing this before Apple releases ios11, I believe that with this update the iPhone camera will automatically scan QR codes, sorry I know nothing about Android phones) Here is the app I use, it's free and works brilliantly.

Just click on the picture for the free printable

secret agent party

Making some signs like the ones above are a great idea for a Spy party or movie night.  Super simple, just print out the words on Yellow paper, I have included a link to some great yellow paper below.  You can combine this with some caution tape which I have linked below too.  Together these will. look brilliant. That's it for this week but make sure you come back next week for tricky spy games to test the new recruits skills.