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Fairy Crafts from Wonder Kids

Week 3 of our new bigger and better Fairy fun, check out the past two weeks of fun using the buttons below, this week is all about crafting, I've saved my favourite idea for the end of this post but I have included our oldest 2015 idea in with our newer ideas here now so it saves you from searching around our huge website.


Fairy Garden Discovery Bottle

What you need

  • Plastic cup or large mason jar (make sure the lid secures very tightly)

  • Glitter

  • Water

  • Pipe Cleaner

  • Mini Pom poms

  • Small toy fairy (kinder eggs often have them)

In this example we are going to use plastic cups which used to contain fruit as they have a really secure lid. Use a glue gun to stick it together but a strong all purpose glue would also work.

Step 1

First I stuck the pipe cleaner onto the lid of the plastic cup. I had to do this part as the glue is hot. While we left it to dry Molly stuck some ladybird and butterfly onto the outside of the cup.

Step 2

We half filled the cup with water. Then added the glitter, pom poms and embellishments.  Fill to the top with water. We also stuck the toy fairy into the centre of the pipe cleaner.

Step 3

The add glue around the lid and then stick it quickly onto the cup.  Glue on the outside around the lid to make sure it is watertight. Leave to dry. After a few weeks you may see the dye of the different elements colour the water or the toy fairy.


Dragon Fly's

These are so easy and really cute make using mainly items you can find in the woods.  Did you know that fairy's ride dragon fly's for fun?

What you'll need

  • Twigs, different length's and sizes

  • Hot glue gun

  • Acrylic paint

  • Tree seed (maple/sycamore)

I love this idea, just so simple and beautiful.  First you'll need to go for a trek in the woods and find some twigs and tree seeds.  I believe that maple and Sycamore seeds are very similar looking seeds so you can get a mixture of these two types. Just line everything up where you want it and hot glue it in place. Once it's dried and cooled down the kids can paint them, they look brilliant as part of a fairy house or just placed around the garden.

If you put all of our Fairy ideas together you could have an amazing Fairy party, I found these in my research for these blog posts and although I couldn't fit them in anywhere, I really like them and wanted to share.  Its a butterfly garland/banner.  These would look great for a garden party.

Blossom Bracelets from Wonder Kids

Blossom Bracelets

What a good make to then take home after a party? these are super simple and look amazing.  Give them a go, your little ones will love this.

What you need

  • Duct tape

  • flowers

  • scissors

First you need to take a trek into the wilderness and pick some lovely flowers, any flowers you like will work but here we have dandelions, wild violets and blossoms. Next measure the bracelet by wrapping the duct tape around an arm STICKY SIDE UP.  Cut it to size and you have a sticky bracelet ready to be decorated.  Now the kids can stick flowers on however they like, not only do they look brilliant but they smell great too, it's just a shame that they don't last forever.