Trolls - Desk Buddy

Trolls Desk Buddy from Wonder Kids

We've come to the final week of our Trolls fun.  Next week we start a brand new theme and I think it could be one of our most popular yet! First, this week I have these great Trolls Desk Buddy's.  They make any kids desk look great and are loads of fun.


  • 3 Paper Plates for each Troll

  • Scissors

  • Markers or Paint

  • Glue

  • Optional: Felt and Glitter


  • Print and cut out the Poppy & Guy Diamond templates below.

  • Fold two plates in half. Glue Poppy and Guy Diamond's faces along the fold. Then trim the additional by their ears.

  • Glue the Troll's hair parts to two additional plates and cut off the excess. Glue behind the Troll faces.

  • Use a fun paper or felt to add texture to Poppy and Guy Diamond's hair.

  • Add felt flowers for Poppy's headband and glitter for Guy Diamond. Then color or paint their skin, nose and eyes

  • Add a stand to the back if your Troll needs extra support. Display on your desk and add more Trolls to the collection.

Just click on the picture below for your free templates.  

If you are already stocked up on glue/pens then just get this great pack of paper plates here to save you time travelling to the shops. It's a large pack but just search this blog a little and you will soon find dozens of crafts and games you can try with paper plates.