Trolls - Glitter Pencils

Trolls from Wonder Kids

Hello and welcome to November at Wonder Kids, I hope you have all enjoyed the October half term and Halloween.  If you're a regular reader of this blog than you'll know about Halloween Havoc, this was the first time I have held my very own Halloween Party where I teamed with John Johnny, another great entertainer to put on a Halloween Party like no other. Take a look at the social media below to see videos and pictures form the event.

This week I'm going to show you how to make your own Trolls Glitter Pencil's, during the Half Term I took my daughter to see trolls and we really enjoyed it.  The film is pretty good, don't worry I don't think it will explode like Frozen did but its not a bad film. This craft is great because it's super cheap to make, only takes a few minutes and once you're finished you have a really cool pencil that your little ones will be desperate to get drawing with.

Trolls Glitter pencil's from Wonder Kids

This is so simple, here's what you need - 

  • Pack of Colouring pencils

  • Glitter tape (could use duct tape, wash tape or holographic tape)

  • Glue gun

  • Bag of bright craft feathers

  • Scissors

Update March 2017

These pencils were featured on a You Tube channel just for kids, watch the video and then follow the link to find more - Captain Calamity TV

Carefully wrap the glitter tape around the pencil.  This really helps if you have a thin roll of glitter tape. I know Duct tape make some great glitter tape but it tends to be really wide so you may need to cut it in half.  Trim the edges so they are super neat.  The craft feathers you should be able to find at any craft shop but I got a bag of mixed colours from my local HobbyCraft.  Use a least two of the same colour per pencil and use the glue gun to stick them to the top of the pencil.  Once that has dried use the glitter tape again to wrap a small piece around the top of the pencil to hide the glue and base of the feathers.  Now you are all done. Why not print out some Troll's colouring pictures, just click on your favourites below.