Minions - Despicable Party

Minion Party from Wonder Kids

To round off the new Minions Re-Mixed posts I have included here some great simple Birthday Party additions to really take a party to a new level.  First check out this table deco, minions are a great theme for birthday parties because almost everything is available in both yellow and blue and the whole party is easy to bring together under a great bright theme.

Minion Table Idea

Now before the party kicks off, make sure everyone can speak fluent Minion with this great Minion Dictionary download. Just click on the picture for the download. I have also added a great new Minion’s Party Invite into our invite library too.

I love these super simple cups, just yellow cups which should be easy to find, black paper/card and some googley eyes which you should be able to find at a local craft shop or I have included a link below to save time.

Minion Target Practise

This game is all sorts of fun but I think it's definitely an outdoors game.  The idea is that the kids save the minions from turning into evil purple minions.  You'll need to print out the picture supplied below and laminate it.  One picture for each child.  Then you'll need some washable finger paint and really water it down.  Again I have included a link for this to save you time.  Stick the pictures on a fence as shown and apply a little of the watered down paint to each Minion, it should start to drip down the picture.  This kids need to race to pick up their water guns and spray the pictures with water until the Minion is entirely clean and no longer turning purple.  

Couple of tips with this game - It's almost impossible to get all the purple paint off the picture so you may want to set this as a challenge against the clock.  Also make sure the kids have really good water guns so that they can step  quite far back from the fence and it should make the game easier for them.