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I originally covered Minions back in 2014 and I included a memory game on that but this is a much better version and its been brought bang up to date with the super hero theming for the Marvel dominated world we live in at the moment.  

Minion Memory Game from Wonder Kids

This is basically the old game of Pairs.  You'll need to print out two sets of the cards below.  Just click on them for the printable PDF's. You can just print out the card on paper/card stock or what I did was use the Yellow Minion print as a backing for the cards.  To doing this I printed two of everything on A4 paper stock.  then stuck an A4 card sheet to the A4 Yellow backing.  Now I left that to dry so whilst it's drying why not try this with the kids.  

Once it dried I cut out each card and now it has a great yellow backing on it. Play this game on a table or on the floor.  Mix all the cards up making sure they are FACE DOWN.  Now you take it in trans to turn over only two cards, if they match you keep them, if they are different you turn them back over.  If you find a matching pair you get another go.  The person with the most pairs when all the cards are gone is the winner.

Supplies needed for this great easy game you can have fun at home with- 

  • A4 paper or card stock

  • Scissors

  • Glue

Thats it, it doesn't get much easier.

Minion Games from Wonder Kids

Good Minion - Evil Minion

Team work is something that children can sometimes struggle with. With that in mind, we have a game that will help to build an environment for them to work together yet still be competitive….as minions of course. 

You will need a few things for this game. First, you will need a yellow bandana. Second, you are going to need a broom handle (you can use a dollar tree broom just make sure it has the plastic loop at the top). Lastly you will need strips of purple cloth, about 1 ft. long by 2 inches wide. You will need enough for 2 per player.

Begin by unscrewing the broom from the handle and loosely tying the bandana to the loop at the top of the broom handle. Now place the handle into the ground outside, preferably in the center of a large area. Select three children to be the good minions who will guard their flag. The remaining children will be the bad minions. They are to receive 2 purple strips and place one on each side of their waistbands, leaving about 10 inches hanging over.

The mission for the bad minions is to capture the flag of the good minions and take over the world. But the good minions aren’t giving up without a fight. While the bad minions are trying to capture the flag, the good minions are trying to protect it and remove the purple strips from the bad minions. If a bad minion loses both of his strips he becomes a good minion and guards the flag. The first minion to capture the flag rules the world!!

Freeze Ray Tag from WONDER KIDS

Freeze Ray Tag

This is a great outside summer activity. It’s also great exercise and a way to use all those nerf guns you have lying around. Give each child a nerf gun (now known as a Freeze Ray) and separate them into 2 teams. Then have them spread out in a field. 

When the game begins they will run and start to shoot at each other. When a person is hit by the "freeze ray" will have to do just that, freeze. They cannot move until a teammate unleashes them by tapping their shoulder. The team with players left at the end, wins. 

Take on the Minions from Wonder Kids

Take on the Minions

I have here a couple of brilliant games using these super easy to make Minion Pins. You'll need as many 2ltr soda bottles as you would like to use.  You'll also need everything below:-

  • Yellow Spray Paint

  • Blue Spay Paint

  • Glue

  • Free Goggle print out (below)

  • Marker Pen

Just print out the goggles below and stick them onto the bottles.

Now you’re all set for fun! These can be use a bowling pins just use a regular small ball, maybe a tennis ball. But my favourite thing to do with these are Nerf guns, lots of boys have at least one nerf gun. Here’s the idea, have the kids leave the room whilst you set up minions all over the place. The kids then come in and try to hit all the targets. I promise you the kids will not get bored of this for a very long time and will soon be setting the pins up themselves to shoot down. This is just the first in anew series of posts about the minions, come back soon for more.