Sleep Over - Fun Games

Sleep Over fun from Wonder Kids

It's a new month and that means I get to pick a new theme, now before we get started, if you have any themes or ideas you would like me to try then just comment below.  This month Im going to have a look into sleepover's.  The summer is here? I think.  The kids will be breaking up from school so there may be some good opportunities for your kids to have a sleepover with a few friends.  Maybe it's your first sleepover and your a little nervous about it.  I will have dozens of ideas to make it the best sleepover ever!

This week I am going to start with a few super simple games, it's a bit ridiculous just how easy these ideas are and I think they should keep the kids busy for quite some time.  

Balloon Ping Pong from Wonder Kids

Balloon Ping Pong

You only need three things for this

  • Paper Plate

  • Large Lollipop Sticks

  • Pack of Balloons

I would use a hot glue gun to stick the lollipop sticks to the plates but you could also staple them or maybe use duct tape.  That's it your all set to play balloon ping pong which you can play just for fun or keep score.  Here are some additional ideas

  • Ping pong tournament, winner stays on

  • pairs/doubles make teams and play each other

  • multiple balloons start with two balloons and keep adding more

  • balloons can't touch the floor, everybody working together to make sure the balloons can not touch the floor.  Make sure you use loads of balloons for this.

  • Try different size/shape balloons, they will all bounce differently off of the paddles

Laser Maze

This is something the kids can do themselves, you'll need:

  • Crete Paper cut into strips long enough to stretch across your hallway (you can always tape pieces together if the paper is not long enough)

  • cheap masking tape from the pound shop

Hand the strips to the kids and let them design their own laser maze to try and get through.  They should be able to rip the masking paper into small bits to stick to the walls.

Laaser maze game 1
Laser Game 2

Sleep Over Car Run

Epic Car Run

Use some more of that cheap masking tape to design a track all over the kids room or the front room of your house.  You can even add extra toys to create different stations along the track? Build a lego petrol station or a superhero hide out.  Then the kids can drive their cars to the different stations.  Hours of fun.