Sleep Over - Girly Fun

Sleepover Girly Fun
Pillow Bed from Wonder Kids

Wowzers it's been a brilliant but hectic couple of weeks for me, with extra birthday parties to perform at due to the kids breaking up for school holidays and dozens of school end of term parties too! all mixed together with the hottest weather of the year and I have just been exhausted by the time I got home.  My apologies for the delay but I'm now back on board and to make up for my absence I am releasing three blog posts all in one week.  Make sure you take advantage of them, you can find links to them at the end of this post.

This week we get all girly and look at some simple but really cool ideas for girls to do at a sleepover, now I think some of these ideas are perfectly unisex and can easily be done with a minor tweak at a boys sleepover too. 

Pillow Bed 2

Pillow Bed

The first thing this week is a really cool pillow bed, I want one of these for myself! We do have a bean bag in our front room at the moment and I have already decided that if/when that breaks I will be replacing it with a bigger version of one of these pillow beds. 

This really couldn't be simpler.  Buy four large pillows, these can either be all the same design or four different designs for a more funky bed.  All you need to do is sow all four pillow cases together and then put the pillows back in.  This is even easier if you have a sowing machine.  I have looked around online and this version is the super easy version of it.  there is another way of making one of these by purchasing loads of fabric and measuring everything and using patterns etc, just stick with the super easy method.

Balloon Timer from Wonder Kids

Balloon Timer

This simple idea is really fun for kids.  Write an activity on a small piece of paper and stuff it inside an un-inflated balloon (I have a super simple method for this here).  Blow the balloon up and write a time using a sharpie on the balloon.  Trust me when I say use a sharpie to write on the balloon, other pens will do it but sharpies are the best for writing/drawing on balloons.  The kids then take turns to pop a balloon at the corresponding time to find out what their next activity is.  If you don't mind the mess you can make this extra fun by adding confetti/glitter into the balloon so when they pop it you have an explosion of colour.

Spin the Bottle

WHAT! I hear you cry, how old are the girls I aiming these games at? fear not, this version is Wayne Wonder Awesome and doesn't involve any yucky boys.  First you'll need to print off the FREE PDF game by clicking on the image opposite.  You'll also need a split pin to attach the arrow to the centre of the board.  You line up all different shades of nail varnish on the board and each girl takes a turn spinning the arrow, whatever colour it lands on the girl has to paint either a finger or toe nail in that colour.  Lots of fun and great for getting pictures taken after the game with all different colours on the girls nails.

Make your own pillow Wonder Kids

Make your own pillow case


Pillow case

Fabric markers



1. It’s a good idea to do a bit of practice on paper before beginning the design on the pillowcase.

Design Ideas

  • Name

  • Favourite things

  • An entire scene

  • A quote or words

2. Once the kids are ready to go, insert a piece of paper (baking paper could be cut to size) inside the pillowcase. This will ensure the pen ink doesn’t go right through to the other side. Tip: If using a regular piece of paper, just move it around as you draw on the case.

3. Use fabric pen to draw on the design. These are easy to work with and you can find them at craft, supermarket and some discount stores.

4. Once the design is finished, iron on cotton setting (or as per pen brand instructions) for about 5 minutes to set the colour. Wash (separately on cold) and it’s ready for use!

That's it for this post but don't worry I have dozens more ideas for sleepovers, scroll down to find more sleepover posts that I have put together.