Sleep Over - More Ideas

More Sleep Over ideas

Im back with the final part of my Sleepover blogs.  I have found a few more ideas that I couldn't fit into the other posts but I thought they were just too good to miss out on. You can find the other three blogs using the links below.

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A new addition for the new website are these new Sleepover invites, I think I had my daughters tastes in mind when designing them but I like the unusual design of them so I have now added them to the party invite library.

Naughts & Crosses from Wonder Kids

Giant Naughts & Crosses

I think this would work great as part of a tournament where the competition gets harder and winners get to play on.  The kids that lose a game have to pick a side to cheer on and win a prize if their team wins.  So you could start with rounds of giant naughts and crosses, then move onto Balloon Ping Pong and then on to Gross Test etc. So here's what you need - 

Tape, masking tape, washi tape or electrical tape.  In prefer masking tape

10 x paper plates

1 x big chunky marker pen, any colour will do

Pretty self explanatory, tape the grid on the floor.  Mark 5 plates with crosses and 5 plates with naughts each player picks a side and away you go. 

Design sleep mask

Design your own Eye Masks

Another super simple but totally cool idea.  Great for something to do whilst everyone is arriving or as a chill out activity later in the day.  All you need are some cheap eye masks, some fabric pens and some stick on sequins.

Before we carry on, I was invited back to the Lollipop Lighthouse recently and I showed the Captain how to make a Balloon Penguin, watch the video below and make sure you subscribe to the channel, it's free and now has loads of great entertainment just for kids.

The Captain Calamity Adventures - Episode 26 - BALLOONATIC 3 (Basic Balloon Twisting Penguin Tutorial) You and your kids can learn how to twist this simple but effective balloon Penguin in this fun tutorial with Captain Calamity and the brilliant Wayne Wonder.

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TMNT Pillow Fight

Samaurai Pillow Fight

Use the second piece of fabric to tie the cardboard handle to the pillowcase. Now yell “Cowabunga!!!” because it’s ninja pillow fight time.

These awesome pillow weapons look super cool and take pillow fights to a whole new level. Her's what you need:

  • White Cotton Pillowcase

  • Red, Orange, Blue Fabric (1 yard of each is way more than enough)

  • White String

  • Scissors

  • Cardboard Tube

  • Fabric Pens

  • Soft, Fluffy Pillows

Pillow Fight 1

Step 1

Take the cardboard tube from a paper towel roll and cut it into 7-inch pieces. Using a strip of fabric about 12” x 18”, place the cardboard tube along the short side of the fabric and roll it up.

Pillow Fight 2

Step 2

Tuck the remaining fabric inside the tube to secure it. Then wrap the white string around the tube to create a diamond samurai sword pattern.

Pillow Fight 3

Step 3

Use the second piece of fabric to tie the cardboard handle to the pillowcase. Now yell “Cowabunga!!!” because it’s ninja pillow fight time, just add some artwork with the fabric pens and your all set.