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Coco themed activities from Wonder Kids

It’s a brand new month and we are about to get Mexican! Never visited the country myself but I love the stories, myths and energy from them, plus I love a lot of their food too! There used to be a Mexican restaurant in the previous town I lived in that had great dishes with crocodile meat and really unusual meats which was great.

I just recently watched Coco at home with my daughter (missed it at the cinema due to work) and we loved it, Have always loved the Mexican feel of music, the colours and generally everything we hear about the country (I know there are some scary headlines and stories out there but lets keep it light).

Coco Trailer - 'Find Your Voice' (2017): Check out the trailer starring Benjamin Bratt, Gael García Bernal, and Renee Victor! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping @MovieclipsTrailers.

Let’s jump straight in with these great colouring sheets, just click on a picture to download it.

I love this family tree idea too, Coco is all about remembering your family and understanding where you come from so that you can make better decisions with how to move your own life forward. I think this is a neat activity sheet to do with the kids, so that they can learn about their ancestors.

Slime Coco Wonder Kids

Coco Slime

Now we have started to build up quite the list of different slime here on Wonder Kids so I thought lets add another one. This version does use Borax and slime is dangerous if ingested by kids so you do have to watch them with it. Use the search bar at the top of page to search for all the different versions of slime, we do have a safe slime which is great for younger kids in our Ghostbusters coverage.

Supplies Needed

  • Borax powder

  • Water

  • Clear glue

  • Blue food coloring

  • Extra fine blue glitter

  • Flower confetti

  • Sugar skull buttons

  • 2 bowls

  • Container to store slime in


  1. In a bowl, mix 1 tbsp borax powder and 1 cup warm water together. Stir until the borax is completely dissolved.

  2. In a separate bowl, mix 1/2 cup of glue and 1/2 cup of water.  Stir until the mixture is well-combined. The mixture will be watery.

  3. Add blue food coloring to the glue mixture. Start with a few drops, stir and add more if needed.

  4. Add extra fine glitter to the glue mixture. .

  5. Slowly combine the two mixtures and stir together as the slime begins to form.

  6. Knead out the water and let it sit for 30 seconds.

  7. Sprinkle in the flower confetti and sugar skull buttons.

  8. Have fun playing with the Disney·Pixar’s Coco Inspired Sugar Skull Slime.

  9. Store in a sealed container for later use.

Coco Guitar Make

D.I.Y Guitar

Lets make our own guitar, I have included a video below of music that I would associate with Mexico although I know that it shares it’s ties with the Spanish influence too. The guitar is a big aspect of Coco and Im sure that kids will love to play with this guitar. I love introducing my daughter to lots of different types of music and you can find more musical fun here.

guitar from wonder kids

Here's what you'll need...

•Empty tissue box (or any box with a lid) 
•Rubber bands, various sizes and colors 
•Paper towel roll 
•Paint and brush (optional) 

1.If you want to make your instrument a certain color, now's the time to paint your tissue box and towel roll. Once the paint is dry you're ready to move on...

2. You will need to cut slits into the end of your paper roll, about 1" long, and bend outwards (this is how you will attach your handle). 

guitar 2

3. Wrap rubber bands around your tissue box, making sure that they lie over top of the opening in the box. Cut the straw to fit and slide it under your rubber bands. Secure the handle by sliding it underneath the rubber bands on the top of your box. If you find this is not secure enough, put some tape around the handle.