Coco - Day of the Dead Party

Coco Party from Wonder Kids

This week I am going to show you some great party ideas for either a Coco based party or a Day of the Dead Party/ Día de Muertos Fiesta. First I love the colours with this, such a lovely way to celebrate your ancestors and family, those that have come before you, check out this great colourful tables for great ideas.

We all Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

This is a great simple and affordable idea as a decoration, that is right up Wonder kids ethos. I would like to try these with bright blue and pink balloons too so you can add lots of colours too. Just make sure you use a soft tip pen on them, any pens with hard plastic or metal tips will pop the balloons. I am an award winning balloon artist and I use mainly sharpies for drawing on balloons. here is me and my gorilla I made too.

We are very new to Spotify but so far are loving it, you can follow us on their too! We have created a brilliant Coco/Day of the Dead playlist, just let us know if we have missed any major songs that should be a part of this playlist. Whilst you get in the mood for a fiesta listening to this playlist, why not try some Sugar Skull Face painting too.

This Sugar Skull (or Calavera) is hauntingly beautiful and perfect for any time of year. While its origins lay with the Day of the Dead, you can recreate this for any time of the year! Thank you to Ashlea Henson for working with us... Check out her details below!

Now to finish this post off, how about some party invites, I love designing Party Invitations, in fact I love graphic design in general and I’ve completely taught myself how to do everything. It started when I needed to design props for my magic shows but now you can see in the Party Invite Library just how varied everything is and you should be able to see some progression from where I learn new skills. I have just learned how to edit and create my own fonts which I put to good use in these party invites for the Mexican styled text.