Coco - Day of the Dead Party Games

Mexican Party Games from Wonder Kids

I can’t believe we are already at the end of our Coco theme, lets make it a good one before we move onto our next theme which will be Christmas! I havent covered Christmas since 2015 so it’s time to see what new ideas I have for you. I have already posted on new Christmas post, Our top predictions on this years hottest toys and games, just click on the picture to have a look and don’t forget to let us know what you thought about it on our socials.

This week we are going to share some great Mexican themed games, now normally with the Day of the Dead celebrations I don’t think there are many if any kids party games associated with it, so I instead have some great Mexican themed games and some classic real Mexican games too.


Of course the first thing that came to mind was Piñata and of course it is a classic, but I have already covered it in loads of detail so please do just click on the picture for all the details.

Gallinita Ciega Wonder Kids

La Gallinita Ciega

La Gallinita Ciega, or “the blind hen” is a very popular Mexican game among children in Mexico and closely resembles a game you might already be familiar with: blind man’s bluff. To play this game, you need 2-3 children, but the more the merrier. You begin by choosing the child who will be “la gallinita ciega” and blindfold them so that they can not see the other children. Then, you’ll give the little hen a few turns to make the game a little more challenging-the person who is “it” must find and tag each player while blindfolded. The other players may move around and use their voices to hint at their location, perhaps squawking like a chicken? If the hen manages to catch one of the children then they become the Hen and the play starts again.

Mexican hat dance

This Mexican-themed party game is a bit like pass the parcel with a twist! You’ll need one sombrero and someone to start and stop the music. When the music starts, everyone starts dancing and the sombrero gets passed from person to person by putting it on their head. If you’re wearing the sombrero when the music stops, Your must perform a forfeit. Now these can be anything silly, like a funny face, silly dance etc but I like to use the disgusting tasting jelly beans and fill a second sombrero up with them. Their forfeit is to pick one without looking and eat it, once done the play can continue.

La Pirinola

I love the idea of this game and again it uses Jelly Beans so stock up. This is a well known traditional Mexican game popular among all ages using a Pirinola (6 sided spinning top). Now I have had a little search around and I couldn’t find any affordable Pirinola’s so I have linked to one below if you want to splash out for one but instead I found a great app for iPhone that allows you to spin a virtual one. Have the phone/ipad in the middle of the circle to play as below.

Sit the kids in a circle on the floor and give each of them 10 beans. Each kid must put 1 token in the middle of the floor and then they take it in turns to spin the pirinola. They then have to follow the instructions on the pirinola which might be:

Toma uno. – Take one (token from the pile).

Toma dos. – Take two (tokens from the pile).

Toma todo. – Take it all (the whole pile).

Pon uno. – Put one (in the pile).

Pon dos. – Put two (in the pile).

Todos ponen. – Everyone puts a token in the pile.

When toma todo comes up, in order to continue, everyone must put one token in the pile. Play continues until one person has all the tokens.