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fairy party ideas from WONDER KIDS

I'll be honest, launching the new website has been a ton of fun.  It's a great excuse to go back through all my older posts and really give them a big facelift.  Hopefully you are seeing the benefit of this, with content that is much easier to search, updated links, loads of new ideas and a bunch of new Free downloads like the NEW party invites I have included in this blog post.  I originally covered Fairies back in 2016 and shared just three ideas but now there are over 20 so there are lots of new ideas for you to try at home now.  In this update we will be looking at four new game ideas of course they are all Fairy themed.

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Lets kick off with the new fairy Party invites, they are now included in our amazing and very popular Party Invite Library, just click on the image for the download.

Floating Wuzzles

As the music plays the fairies must do their best to keep the wuzzles (balloons) in the air, when the music stops all the girls must grab a balloon and hold it in their hand. Call out a color, whoever is holding that color balloon gets a small prize. Play until all the fairies have won a prize. 

To make this game more interesting each wuzzle can have a fun challenge inside. The player must pop their balloon and complete (or try to complete) the challenge inside to win their prize. Challenges can be fun and silly:

- spin around and clap yelling “I believe in fairies”.

- crabwalk across the floor.

- sing your favorite song in a funny voice.

- pat your head while rubbing your tummy.

Fairy Potion from Wonder Kids

Fairy wish potion

Make a wish with this potion, if it fizzes it means your wish will come true.

What you need:

  • Bicarbonate of Soda

  • Vinegar [we use white distilled]

  • Washing up liquid

  • Powder Paint

  • Glitter Flakes [ordinary glitter will do fine too]

  • A small glass jar

  • A magic wand [ok, a spoon will work too!]

  • A bowl or tray to catch the overflow

It helps to get dressed up as a fairy (or other fantasy creature!) and have your magic wand at the ready, all set for stirring the potions quickly.

First, fill the jar half way with vinegar, then stir in a spoonful of your chosen colour.

Next add a big squeeze of washing up liquid and a liberal helping of sparkly confetti.

Then add in a spoonful of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) and start to stir with the magic wand.

Think of a brilliant fairy wish or spell to make while you’re mixing and watch the magic happen!

The potion will bubble and froth, fizzing out over the jar and making a gorgeous, sparkly mixture!

There’s no need to wash it out to start again, just kwep adding more bicarb, washing up liquid and vinegar and stir it up! You can change colours during the experiment by simply adding them over the top.

Fairy games from Wonder Kids

Catching Morning Dew Drops

This simple idea will always be a favourite with kids, You'll need some small pond nets or butterfly catching nets.  For this game I have included some links (below) to buy the bits you need just to save you time.  You'll also need some bubble fluid, the game couldn't be simpler just catch the bubbles, now if you want to try and keep a score you will need at least two people counting the bubbles caught but I warn you this is not easy to do.  What I would do is invest in a budget bubble machine, this makes your job a little easier and it means there will be loads more bubbles than any person can blow on their own. For me the magic in this game is to have the kids dressed as fairies, play loads of great fairy music and have the kids dance and catch the bubbles (Dew Drops).  Keeping score is just not necessary.

Fairy Treasure Hunt Idea

Fairy Treasure Hunt

I love a good treasure hunt, it gets all the kids together trying to get the treasure they need.  Now this should be a team game, everybody should need to find maybe 5 or six items to complete the game, once someone has found all of their items, they then help the other kids find the bits they are missing.

Tinkerbell is a tinker fairy so she helps to make things from items she finds, with this in mind I like the idea of just hiding random stuff for the kids to find, you could hide things like

  • Thimbles

  • gold coins

  • nuts&bolts

  • balls of string/yarn

  • Florist pebbles

  • Pocket watches

  • Keys

  • bells

  • cotton spools

Ideally to play something like this the kids need to know what they are looking for so a card set like the one pictured is ideal if you have the design chops to make it alternatively you can just take pictures of the treasures you have hidden and let the kids look for one of them at a time.  You will need enough of each item for every child playing, so if you have 10 kids you will need 10 thimbles, 10 bolts etc.