Complete Guide to Halloween - Games

Halloween Guide 2018 from Wonder Kids

I love Halloween, in my other job I'm a Magician, So halloween just fits me perfectly, it's spooky, magical and it's one of those times of years when almost anything just might be possible.  It's been a whopping three years since I last properly covered Halloween so this year I am going to be writing loads of ideas to help you (and me) put on the best halloween party ever! This first blog is going to be all about great family friendly Halloween games but before we can move forward I think it's important to know where we've already been so here is a list of games that you will find throughout the Wonder Kids site.

Halloween Bowling

Bobbing for Donuts

Glow in the dark ring toss

Gross Out Game

Witches Brew Memory Game

Halloween Treasure Hunt

Monster Mouths

Let's start this simple and get a little more complicated towards the end of this blog post. I have also scoured my iTunes library to put together a brilliant music playlist for you too.

Witch Relay race from Wonder Kids

Witch Relay Race

What you'll need:

  • Two witches brooms

  • Cones or pop up bins

You will need a good number of kids, in fact if you have 20+ kids this game is great, I would say minimum number of children should be 6.  Split the kids up into two teams and have them line up in single file.  You will need to set up a race track, I prefer to keep this simple with a long stretch of space at the end of which I place a pop up bin.  One for each team lined up.  The kids will need to run around the bin come back and pass the broom onto the next person.  The first team to have all players go around the bin and come back wins.  For older children 8 yrs and over you can make the track more complicated using cones but I prefer pop up bins because they collapse for storage and are great for transporting around.  I already play Wayne Wonder's Wacky Races in my kids shows where I have some really creative relay races using pop up bis like the one below.  Maybe some day I will share some games that I use in my shows but I'm not ready for that yet. You should have some music playing whilst the kids are running around, I like to play 'The Ace of Spades" an instrumental version can be found on iTunes and I have included it in my Halloween playlist below.

Monster Freeze Dance

This is super simple, it's just musical statues but every time the music stops the kids have to pull a monster pose.  Now instead of eliminating kids that move ( I hate elimination games) give prizes to the best monsters and carry on playing.  Again music for this can be found in my playlist below.

Halloween Playlist

This was really tough to put together, I have tried to keep it as family friendly as possible but please make sure you check everything yourself because I'm only human and I may have missed some inappropriate language somewhere.  This playlist if free to access on Spotify, let us know on our socials if you think we have missed any great tracks.


Guess How Many

Another super simple game, to just keep going throughout the party.  Fill a jar with plastic spiders, little creepy crawlies or monsters maybe even candy corn and let the guests all write down a guess with their name on it.  The closest guess wins a prize.

Guess How Many Game from Wonder Kids
Worm Bobbing from Wonder Kids

Worm Bobbing

I love this idea, you can play it with any number of people, now this is about to get messy so I would put down some plastic sheets on the floor.

What you'll need

  • One paper plate per person

  • Squirty cream lots!

  • Lots of Worm sweets

Everybody kneels on the floor with their hands behind their backs.  They each get a plate with five worms on but the worms are buried under loads of squirt cream.  Best way to do this is just to place the five worms in five different places on the plate (obviously don't let the players see this) and then squirt cream on top of them. The first person to find all five worms just by using their mouth is the winner. This gets messy!

Pumkin Golf from Wonder Kids

Pumpkin Golf

I love this idea, you could even have a small halloween crazy golf course set out in the garden.  carve out pumpkins to have different size and shape mouths and use a cheap kids golf set, give the kids points for every ball they get in a pumpkin.

We have come to the last game in this post but fear not because I will be back next week exploring more Halloween Fun with a bunch of great Halloween Crafts that the kids are going to love.

Trick or Treat Game

Trick or Treat Game from Wonder Kids

I think this is a great game with huge potential and I need your help.  If you can come up with any suggestions to add to this game please do let us know on our socials so that we can make it even better.

You'll need click the button below to print out the free download and cut up all the little slips of paper.  Fold them up and place them in a little plastic pumpkin or bucket. Give them a really good mix and one at at time a child picks out one slip of paper without looking and reads what it says, if it reads "Take a Treat" then they are allowed a little sweet or prize etc however if it's a challenge then they have to try the challenge.  I would love to hear some challenges for kids that you guys can come up with so please do let us know on FB below.