Complete Guide to Halloween - Decorations

Halloween Decorations from Wonder Kids

This is probably my favourite part of Halloween, the really creative decorations all designed to psychologically unnerve you, I love it.  So I'm going to show you some fun easy ways to make your guests jaw drops and they don't cost much either!

As always I have searched through the whole of Wonder Kids to find some decorations first so please do check them out, plus at the bottom of this post I have linked the other Halloween Related articles that are well worth a look at too.

Creepy Balloons

Paper plate Ghosts

Hanging Bats

Witch Hat Light

Caution tape

Floating Candles

Before we kick off with our first idea I wanted to include these two great party invites that I have designed.  One is for a Halloween Party and the other for maybe just a scary movie gathering or a spooky movie marathon?  I love both of them and I have included them to our Party Invitation Library too. These will come in handy when we release our top scary movie guide for the whole family and have you seen our Scary Party playlist yet?

Decoration is actually quite a tough topic to cover because there are so many different angles to halloween that you can go down, plus my personal tastes may differ to yours so I am going to concentrate on two aspects of decorating.  Making the entrance, below I have included ideas for what I think are great entrances that are relatively simple.  Of course you can make far more elaborate entrances to the ones shown below but the Wonder Kids ethos is simplicity and on a budget whilst still getting great reactions.  The second aspect I am going to delve into is Lighting, I've learned from my Theatre work that lighting can make a huge difference in setting, ambience and feel so I am going to show you some easy ideas on that later.

Pallet Box Entrance

Pallet Box Entrance

Simple but effective entrance

Simple but effective entrance

This is another great and simple idea, painting the tubes is optional and I would recommend using the big chunky glow sticks which are harder to find here in the UK rather than the skinny bracelet ones that are in all the pound shops.


This is a huge topic that I could write about for days, I am going to cover some very basic tips but lets just say that with the technology available today the effects you could come up with are not only staggering but that can be breathtaking.  If you want to explore this further than you need to learn about LED lights, smart lights like Phillips Hue and projectors.

Spooky Forest

Spooky Forest

Create a spellbinding scene by wrapping Halloween lights in your trees to create an eye-popping haunted forest. This kind of display is increasingly popular because it adds a new twist to the look and feel of Halloween. Not only are purple, green and orange light wrapped trees a unique Halloween decorating idea, but Trick or Treaters will love the colorful glow! 

To create the electric forest shown here, we used a mix of combo-color and single color LED Halloween lights, which are listed below.

Halloween Lights for Wrapping Trees

  • Purple/Green combo string lights

  • Purple/Orange combo light strings

  • Purple, Orange & Green single color light strings

Ideas to Enhance your Enchanted Forest

  • Set up a fog machine on Halloween night, the LED lights mingling with the fog will create a spectacularly eerie glow.

  • Hang ghostly figures, bats, spider webs or witches hats from tree branches.

  • Make a playlist of spooky sounds to play near your forest

  • To add even more light, wrap nearby bushes with coordinating Halloween net lights.

Light Branches 

Spider Starburst

To Make Starburst Spider Decorations

  1. For this DIY lighted branch project, you'll need a 9-12 inch tinsel spider or other spider decoration.

  2. Place your starburst stem down

  3. Separate the lighted branches equally with half on the left and half on the right of the stem

  4. Bend each branch into a long Z shape to form "legs". The "foot" of each leg should touch the ground and be even with the other legs.

  5. Bend inward or remove the legs from your tinsel spider (don't worry, your spider will love his fancy new legs!)

  6. Place the spider body on top of the legs

  7. Turn on your starburst spider and place it with other spooky decorations to create a creepy crawly scene!

Starburst Spider

To Make An Enchanted Eyeball Bowl

For our eyeball bowl we used a stretchy spider web, plastic eyeballs and plastic spiders. 

  1. With the stem facing up, pull 8 of the branches down toward the center, opposite of the stem.

  2. Arrange these 8 branches evenly in a circle and then bend the ends to form an L shape. Make sure that each end is even so that they rest flat on the ground.

  3. Bend the remaining branches out and up. The stem should be in the center with the lighted branches forming curved L shapes around it.

  4. When your bowl shape is complete, stretch the spider web material around it and then fill the bowl with eyeballs, spiders or any other spooky decorations you like!

To Make Spooky Trees

You'll need small 6 x 5 inch planters, floral foam cylinders, ribbon, and moss, stones or glass gems for this DIY lighted branch project. 

  1. Hold the starburst stem in your hand and pull 4 of the lighted branches straight down around the stem. Wrap the stem and branches about halfway down with a dark colored ribbon

  2. Twist and bend the remaining branches to create the spooky branches of the tree, spreading them out a little as you go

  3. Fill the plastic planter with floral foam

  4. Stick the unwrapped portion of the straight branches into the floral foam until you reach the stem. The stem should not go into the floral foam.

  5. Cover the top of the foam with moss, glass gems or small stones

  6. Place your potted trees along a walkway or with other decorations as part of a larger Halloween display

Thats it for this week but make sure you come back next week for more Halloween guides and fun.  I have linked below some more Halloween fun that you may be interested in.