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It's the final week of our Paw Patrol fun. This week I have not one but two great games, the first is Guess The Pup.  I'll show you how to make your own version of this great game with all the Paw Patrol Characters.  The second game is musical chairs Paw Patrol style.  

Guess the Pup

Which PAW Patrol friend wears a beaded ankle bracelet and hangs out in a purse? Kids can play a guessing game featuring their favorite PAW Patrol pups and friends. Just click on the picture opposite to print and follow the simple steps below.

(Difficulty Level: Easy)

What You’ll Need
Guess Who? Templates (print below!)
Craft knife (optional)

How to Make

Step 1
Print and cut the templates for the game boards out.

Step 2
Glue the character board pieces back to back.

Step 3
Use a craft knife to cut along the dotted lines on the game board templates.

Step 4
Fold the cut out pieces back until they stand

Step 5
Cut along the outside dotted lines that surround the game card pieces.

Step 6
Glue the cut outs back-to-back and begin to cut along the inside dotted lines to create the cards.

How to Play

After the game boards are set up, it’s time to play! Each player picks a mystery card. Taking turns, each player can ask one “yes” or “no” question about his/her opponent’s mystery person in order to eliminate characters on the board. Players can ask questions until they are ready to guess their opponent’s mystery person.

Paw Patrol Musical Statues

This is a great twist on a classic game, play musical chairs inside or out with this free template opposite.  Just print out the paw prints and I would recommend either sticking them onto really strong cardboard or laminating them.  Arrange the paws in a circle making sure you have one paw per person (you may need to print out more than one set of paws).  Now you can play any music you like whilst the kids walk around the circle but I like the idea of using some paw patrol music or maybe who let the dogs out by the Baha Men.  When the music stops every child has to find a paw to stand on.  After the first round you remove a paw, the child that does not get on a paw quick enough now becomes a judge and can remove the next paw.  This carries on until just one paw is left with two players and whoever get the the paw first wins the game.

Paw Patrol Party Box Small or Regular
from 60.00

Get your puppies dancing with this unique Paw Patrol party in a box. You can take full credit for making an awesome Paw Patrol Party.  This kit includes a Paw Patrol playlist for all the music needed at a party plus everything you need for amazing games including a pre wrapped and ready to go Pass the Parcel.  All you need to do is press play and pause on the music.

Ideal for Paw Patrol fans, A Complete Paw Patrol themed birthday in a box. Your child and their friends become the stars of the party with a non stop action birthday party for tons of Paw Patrol fun.

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