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Paper Crafts for Paw Patrol Wonder Kids

Welcome back to our December Paw Patrol fun.  Im actually writing this in November because Im performing nearly everyday in December and just don't have the time to write a new blog post every week.  If you're new here then please do watch the video below to see what one of my other jobs is.

Lets kick this week off with a free print out of a Paw Patrol Badge.  The kids can colour this in and make their own Paw Patrol badges.  This is a great thing to have set up for a birthday party as the kids arrive.  This is just a quick, simple activity that kids love but scroll down for a really cool paper craft you can try at home.

Paw Patrol Look Out Tower

Paw Patrol Look Out Tower


Turn a paper towel roll into the PAW Patrol Look-Out Tower for hours of creative play with the pups!

What You’ll Need

Look-Out Tower theater templates (print below)
Paper towel roll
Cereal box

How to Make

Step One: Print the PAW Patrol Puppet Theater templates on card stock or heavy weight paper, and cut out all the pieces.

Step Two: Create the base of the tower by folding along the solid lines until the shape is formed. Affix with glue.

Step Three: Wrap the tower template around the paper towel roll. Place the paper towel roll into the base created in Step 2.

Step Four: Attach the tower top to the roll by sliding paper towel roll into the slits created into the template.

Step Five: Break apart a cereal box and glue the background templates to the cereal box.

Step Six: Fold the puppet template in half, fold up along the solid lines at the base of the template. Glue in the center so the puppet will be double-sided. Do not glue the base. Repeat this step to create all other puppets.

Step Seven: Place the tower in front of the background and put on a show with the PAW Patrol pups!