Paw Patrol - Pup Pup Boogie

paw patrol Games from Wonder Kids

Hello, it's a new month and we have a brand new theme to explore.  Paw Patrol has just been going from strength to strength. So over the next 4 weeks I will be sharing loads of crafts, games, party ideas and loads more fun to be had with Paw Patrol.

Pup Pup Boogie game from Wonder Kids

Pup Pup Boogie

This is a great game.  I originally found this online but the game rules were not great so I've modified them to make them better. Lets start with what you need - 

  • Boogie Game Free Templates below

  • Heavy card Stock or cereal box

  • Scissors

  • Drinking Straw

  • Split Pin

  • Dice

  • Glue (optional)

Step 1

Print the Pup Pup Boogie board onto card stock or paper.  If using paper, glue it onto cereal box and cut it out.

Step 2

Cut out the spinner, punch a hole in the middle of the board with the point of the scissors.  This needs to be large enough to fit a drinking straw.  Snip the drinking straw so that it fits inside the hole.  Attach the arrow spinner to the game with the split pin.  Leaving room for the spinner to move freely.

Step 3

Get some music on and play the game.  Here is Paw Patrol on iTunes for some great music. I couldn't find any official music from Nick, come on guys people will pay for the music, make it available.

Playing the Game

Pick someone to go first, this could be the youngest, eldest, birthday child, or whoever rolls the highest number on the dice.  The first player spins the Boogie board and has to dance to the music as it states on the boogie board.  The next player now has to roll a 6 before they can spin the boogie board.  The catch here is that the person dancing has to keep dancing until the next player rolls a 6.  you can play this till infinity or until everyone has had a turn dancing.  For a more intense game you can say that we have until the end of the song.  If you use this version make sure you pick a song thats around 3 minutes long.  Maybe Who Let The Dogs Out by the Bah Ha Men. This is a non elimination game and everyone could win a small prize at the end of it for doing great dancing. loads of fun.

Click on the picture below for the free Boogie Board Template.