Complete Guide to Halloween - Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

This is a little bonus blog to go along with all of our Halloween ideas.  I have linked all of our Halloween ideas together at the bottom of this post for you. I am going to share some super simple but effective costume ideas for the whole family this halloween, let us know if you try one.

Jelly Belly Costume

I love how simple this costume is, just use a roll of cellophane to create the bag and fill it with small balloons (5 or 6 inch balloons) inflated fully to give that pear shape. Add the Jelly Belly logo which I have included below and you have a great simple costume.
Double stuffed Oreo

Double stuffed Oreo

Marionettes Pupet costume

Marionettes Pupet costume

Jellyfish Costume Wonder Kids

Jellyfish Costume

I love this costume idea, it's super simple but really effective too.  Start with the umbrella, ideally you need a clear or blue transparent umbrella.  This works best if you can get the dome type umbrella too. We’ll need some tentacles!! This part was fun. I went to the dollar store and bought about 5 rolls of gift wrapping ribbon (the kind with the wire in it for shaping). I picked the kind used for weddings, as they had a nice iridescence and sparkle to them.  Also, added some standard curling ribbon for variety. Cut all to 25″ to 30″ in length.  I used a glue gun to attach them, and reinforced with packing tape. The night we went trick or treating was insanely windy, but the tentacles held up great!

Then came lighting. This part really took things over the top. We used some blue led string lights and used Velcro to attach the battery pack inside the umbrella and stung them throughout the umbrella. The result was stunning. At night, the lights reflected off of the tentacles in such a way that it really looked authentic!

Flying Astronaut

Flying Astronaut

This is just epic! I think the magician in me loves the flying illusion, I'm not even gonna try to lie, this is a big build be we are going to go through step by step, if you take the time to make this please show us on our social media, we would love to see it.

What you'll need

  • space suit

  • elastic

  • duck tape

  • hot glue gun

  • X-ACTO knife

  • pool noodle

  • orange fabric

  • red fabric

  • yellow fabric


To make the flames we started by making a simple skirt. We used an old orange (or you can use red) t-shirt with an added elastic waistband so he could easily slip in and out of it. Then, we cut triangles from yellow, red and orange fabric (mostly from scrap fabric and old t-shirts). Add them to the skirt using a Hot glue gun – starting from the bottom and moving up. Note, triangle pieces toward bottom of skirt are smaller and gradually get larger toward the top.

For the rocket pack, we used cardboard, hot glue and duck tape. The bottom is left open for his legs while the top is closed. Underneath is a large opening where his body will fit – better view in photos below. To give it some dimension, we added more cardboard details. To bend the cardboard into cylinders we scored it with an X-ACTO knife first. Cut slits in cardboard and inserted elastic for straps so he could wear it like a backpack. Painted it white and added some spaceship logos to make it look official.

This is the space suit we bought. I would highly recommend getting this because it comes with the light weight boots that work great for the costume. Cut a horizontal slit in the back of the space suit. Stitched it loosely around the opening to keep the filling from falling out. We decided to use cardboard and a pool noodle. Cut the cardboard and pool noodle like above.

Attached pool noodles to cardboard using hot glue and duck tape. Leave 1-2 inches of cardboard to attach to piece below. The rectangular piece of cardboard will be the piece that’s against the body. Insert and glue/tape from the front and behind.

Added the thick black strap which will go behind his neck. Threaded a belt into the cardboard to secure the legs around his waist and keep them from falling.

Assembling the outfit can be tricky so here’s a walk through…

Put on flame skirt, Wear the space suit by entering thru the open slit in the back and Buckle the belt. Insert legs into the opening of rocket pack. Pull rocket pack up and wear backpack straps. Note: Wear red/orange shoes to blend in with flames.

Flying Astronaut costume idea