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It's February! Every February there is a very special event for magicians, the Worlds Largest Magic Convention takes place in Blackpool (I know, the U.K's answer to Vegas).  I am super excited to be going this year as I try to only attend every other year.  Im hoping to learn lots of new things and get lots of creative ideas for my shows.  Follow me through the whole convention on Facebook, just like my Facebook page to get those updates. I also have a newsletter going out this month with loads of interesting news, stories and updates.  Sign up below, plus I send some great ideas to try with the kids throughout the half term. 

Lets kick this pack off in the traditional way with some great colouring pages.  I have loads of Minecraft greatness in this pack including paper crafts, Bookmarks and even Minecraft furniture. Lets Go!

Minecraft Book Marks

Everything you can do to get kids reading will benefit them in the long run thats why I have included these easy bookmarks.  They are not the first bookmarks I have put into the Activity Centre, try using the search bar to find the other bookmarks I have done in the past.  I printed them on photo sticker paper (one of the best inventions EVER), cut them out, pre-folding them before removing the backing. It worked really well! The colors are bright, the bookmarks have a slightly glossy finish, and they’re just the right thickness. You could also use regular printer paper or cardstock and a glue stick or spray adhesive. (click the image below to download the PDF)

Minecraft bookmarks from Wonder Kids
Minecraft Party Box Small or Regular
from 60.00

Throw an amazing Minecraft party with green & black decorations and tableware.  This kit has loads of Minecraft themed games like Minefield which uses the included Minecraft Torch, Minecraft snake, a no props Minecraft game and loads more.

Ideal for Minecraft fans, A Complete Minecraft themed birthday in a box. Your child and their friends become the stars of the party with a non stop action birthday party for tons of Minecraft fun.

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Minecraft Diamond Sword Paper Craft

Click here to download the FREE sword printable, you will need two copies

Click here to download the FREE sword printable, you will need two copies

This is awesome and great for a rainy day in.  make them with the kids help and take your time making them, remember patience is a virtue. These swords are just awesome and I think they would work well for any retro game theme maybe Zelda for instance?  First you need to print off two copies of the FREE sword print out.  Just click on the image opposite for the print out.

Then cut out the sides where the two will meet together (I don’t cut out the whole thing just yet.

Minecraft Sword 1

Glue down to your support (cardboard, posterboard, cereal box…) we used foam board. Make sure to glue it down well paying attention to the edges so that all the “tips” are secure.

Minecraft sword 2

Cut out with scissors, a box cutter or exacto knife depending on what will work best for your material. After your sword is completely cut out you’ll need to attach the other side. Cut out your 2nd copy completely and adhere to the back side.

Minecraft sword 3

That's it, you all done, make sure you let it all dry before playing with it.  We don't have time to stop lets get on with the next thing.

Minecrafts sword 4

Minecraft Furniture

Minecraft Drawers from Wonder Kids
Minecraft Furniture Wonder Kids

What you need to pull this amazing feat off, green paint, try to get as close to the creeper green as possible not too dark, black paint, thin masking tape and a little patience.  Firstly get your hands on a set of drawers.  In this example we'll be using a second hand set of draws but any draws you can get will work. Now clean them and make sure they are dry before starting to paint. Remove the handles from the drawers, you could even but nice new black handles from your local Ikea or B&Q.  I would also remover the drawers completely from then unit before painting. Paint the frame black with at least two coatings, then replace the drawers and paint them green.

Once this is dray you can use thin masking tape to make the outline of the Creeper, make sure you take time doing this step and getting the proportions correct, remember its a symmetrical shape so one you have done one half you can just mirror it for the other half.  Once you are happy with this paint the shape black and again you may need more than one coating.  Allow it to dry and you have a masterpiece that any Minecraft fan will love. Well thats all I have for this months blog, please do come an join in on Facebook and let me know if their are any topics you would like to see me cover for next months post. Don't leave just yet, why not try one of my past posts I have included below.