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Minecraft Party Table

Minecraft Party

How about a full blown Minecraft Party! I have included a few cool elements that you can use for free at your own birthday parties. We'll start with drinks, click the image below for the Minecraft labels. How about getting some cheap plastic green cups from the pound shop and using black electrical tape to turn them into Creeper cups.

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Click here for the free labels

Click here for the free labels

Green Minecraft Tumblers

Minecraft Pizza from Wonder Kids

Minecraft Pizza!

Oh yes, who doesn't like pizza?  So if you are getting  ready for a Mine Craft marathon you need snacks and they don't come much better or easier than this. Ok so you need to get a fresh pizza not frozen.  I think a plain margarita would be best to use or at least the easiest to use.  You'll also need some pepperoni slices which are normally round.  First you need to make a square pizza so cut a piece of paper into the square size you like and use that as a template to trim the edges off of your circular pizza.

Don't throw those trimmed pieces away, just because we are playing with our food does not mean we need to waste it.  They can be cooked separately as Pizza dippers with a range of different sauces like tomato, bbq, garlic or salsa spaces served as a dip. Next we need to prep the pepperoni slices. We cut the slices into 4 squares.  Also we need on square cut on half and one square cut into quarters. Now all you need to do is arrange them on the pizza.  So I have included a pic of a Creeper. Cook the pizza and enjoy.

Cooked Minecraft Pizza
Pizza template

Minecraft Games


Creeper Dodgeball: 

Get a large green bouncy ball from the pound shop and put a Creeper face on it with a Sharpie. 

Knock Over the Creeper: 

Get some green floral styrofoam from the pound shop and make a creeper from it. Then using a simple plastic bow and arrow with a suction cup (buy a cheap set from a toy shop or pound shop), they can take turns trying to knock over the creeper. Try to keep track of how many blocks they knock over (it was made of four blocks) and the one who knocked over the most blocks  wins, with everyone else in order behind them.

Light the TNT:

I love exploding fizzy drinks, yes it's messy but the kids will love it! Put a little bottle of Diet Coke in a two-high TNT box. I split everyone into teams of two and had them “light” their “TNT” with the mentos and Diet Coke. It was fun and crazy, and the fact that I used little bottles meant nothing too crazy was going to happen. Just click on the image for the free print out.

Here is a quick bit of inspiration for a Minecraft Piñata.  It's just a small box with slits in it to load it full of sweets and to make sure that the box can be broken.  These slits are then taped up and then the box is decorated to look like a Ghast.  I have a whole pack of information on Pinata's here.

Minecraft Piñata
Minecraft Party Box Small or Regular
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Throw an amazing Minecraft party with green & black decorations and tableware.  This kit has loads of Minecraft themed games like Minefield which uses the included Minecraft Torch, Minecraft snake, a no props Minecraft game and loads more.

Ideal for Minecraft fans, A Complete Minecraft themed birthday in a box. Your child and their friends become the stars of the party with a non stop action birthday party for tons of Minecraft fun.

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To finish off this Minecraft Party section i have included a Happy Birthday banner PDF which you can print off and some signs for the different bits of the party.  So there is a sign for the party food table and a craft table where they could make the swords I have included above, there is also a welcome sign too. Just click on an image to print them off.