Roald Dahl - Mavellous Medicine

Roald Dahl 3

Georges Marvellous Medicine is another of my favourite stories.  This past Saturday I had the pleasure of entertaining at the official Roald Dahl Museum in Great Missenden.  I have included some pictures from the day.  It was a blast and it's a great day out for kids. This week in the kids blog we have some great potion ideas to try, and a worksheet to get the kids imaginations going, as well as some party supplies for free! take a look below. Make sure you check out the previous two weeks exploring Roald Dahl too.

Create your own Potion

This is a great worksheet I got from my wife (she's a teacher) but it's a great way to get kids creative juices flowing and whilst they are having fun they are also practising handwriting and sentences.


Get messy

Using empty bottles in the recycling, I made coloured water and played out all the other ingredients milk, vinegar, and baking soda, along with washing up liquid, lemon juice, almond essence, face cream and toothpaste, aiming for a range of different colours, scents and textures. Talk about a sensory experience. Now I'm thinking everyone knows what happens when you add vinegar to baking soda? so i wanted to let the kids discover for themselves that some of the ingredients are going to react with each other. I set out measuring scoops and a big mixing bowl, then we started concocting. By the end of our playtime, we had a gross vibrant pink, curdled, bubbly, frothy mixture. The kiddos totally had a blast, and chattered away about “making horrible medicine for grandma” as they played.


Fun Party Idea

For birthday parties you can try this, have a sweet table using these free labels to make them look like ingredients from the book 

Party Ingredients

Empty sweet jars
Our free printable George’s Marvellous Medicine labels
Candy floss
Colourful boiled sweets
Large mixing bowl
Wooden spoon

Kids Punch

Kids Punch - Georges Potion

Recreate your very own George’s Marvellous Medicine with our delicious non-alcoholic punch recipe. You’ll have loads of fun making it as the kids take it in turns pretending to be George, mixing his Marvellous Medicine with a large wooden spoon.

When it’s time to taste the punch, use your imaginations to act out its magical effects! We can’t promise it’ll be able to shrink any grandmas, but we can promise it’ll be very tasty!

1. Pour one litre of fresh orange juice into a large mixing bowl

2. Add two litres of lemonade

3. Scoop in half a litre of fruit sorbet (raspberry, orange or lime are the best!)