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I love Star Wars, so every time I get the excuse to watch some more or write about it I have blast. This week we are going to come up with some great Star Wars themed games. Make sure you check out our other Star Wars post which are linked at the bottom of this blog post.


Don’t Drop Yoda

You'll need a plush star wars toy for each child playing, they don't all have to be Yoda.  The yoda need to be tucked somewhere on their body so if they are dressed as Jedi's then pop it in their hoods or up their sleeve or even tucked in a belt.  It's a little like simon says, you call out actions and they have to copy you but if they drop their star wars toy then they join you up front and demo the next move.  The last child standing with their toy is the winner and should get a nice prize.

Here are some actions you could call out:

  • Dance like an ewok

  • walk like a wampa

  • show your best jedi moves

  • jumping jacks like a wookie

  • march like a storm trooper

  • spin in circles like yoda

Free Han Solo Party Game.png

For this game you’ll need a small Han Solo action figure and a large plastic container. Fill the container half full and place the Han Solo figure in it, he should float. Place this in the freezer until its completely frozen. This should take at least 4 hours. Now fill the other half of the container with water and place it back in the freezer. Allow it to completely freeze.

To play, each child gets a blaster ( a small cheap water gun) and need to squirt it at the ice to free Han Solo. Each child gets a prize if they are able to do it. This should take a long time to do unless the weather is really hot.

To speed this game up you can make sure the blasters are filled with warm water. DO NOT USE BOILING WATER! just warm water from the tap. You can also give the kids some salt to add to the ice to help melt it to or some plastic tools like hammers to help break the ice up.

Star Wars Blasters

These are super cool and easy to do.  I did this for christmas a few years ago and they were a huge hit with my daughter and nephews.  I would try to get the sturdiest plastic cups possible rather than the polystyrene ones shown in the pic.  Use little marshmallows as the ammunition and let the battle commence.  We were finding marshmallows for about two months after the battle they get everywhere!


Star Wars Bingo

Before you see the new film you might want to go back and watch the previous six films or maybe just the original three (I'll understand if you skip the prequels). To make this more fun for little ones try this. I love this type of game, I made something similar months ago in my Lego Movie Pack which was one of my first activity packs.  I always like to get some sort of surprise prize for whoever wins this game.  Make sure you have more than one prize as the kids will want to swap cards and play again.  It doesn't have to be a huge prize just take a visit to a local pound shop they are bound to have something Star Wars themed. To mark off the characters you have seen you will need some sort of counter.  Whats I always use are little lego bricks, just get a cup full of lego bricks and the kids can put a brick on each character they have seen. Sorted, print out the game for FREE by clicking the image.

Who Am I? Game.png

Star Wars Who Am I?

In this classic party game, one child is nominated to ask the rest of the group questions in order to decipher which Star Wars character they are.

You’ll need some cardboard masks like the ones I have linked to below. Ask one child to close their eyes and put a mask on them (make sure they don’t see it or it’ll spoil the game). The aim of the game is to guess who you are by asking as few questions as possible.

Star Wars Masks on Amazon

Star Wars Masks on Amazon

Test your Jedi senses

Put your Jedi senses to the test in our next Star Wars party game!

Lay a selection of objects on different trays and cover them with tea towels so the children can’t see them. Then take it in turns to guess what’s on the tray but only by smelling, tasting or feeling it.

Guess correctly, you win a prize!

Thats all we have for this week but make sure you check out the posts below and try using the search bar to search for something like Space or Aliens to see if there is anything else that you may like to use.