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We’ve reached the final week of our music fun. This week we are going to have some fun putting together a Music Festival Kids Party and I’ll show you how to make your own Maracas.  Often overlooked as a child's toy these maracas are in so many songs and add a very odd rhythm to music, a little like reggae music where you get that extra little beat.  Here is a good example of some music with Maracas

Music Festival Birthday Party

I love this idea for a birthday party, very different and there is so much you can do with this theme. Every music blog post we have done has featured great games that you can include. I have linked to them all below.

Music Eye Spy

Word Dance Game

Invisible Dancer

Music Around The World


You can also have a talent competition, battle of the bands or air guitar battle. The latter would be great with our DIY guitars (link here).

Song Charades

Ahead of time you will need to write down lots of songs that the kids will need to know on pieces of paper. They pick one out and now without speaking need to act it out so that everyone else can guess. The person who guess correctly gets to stand up and have a turn.

DIY Sound system

I love this idea for decoration, make your own sound system. Just paint boxes black, paper plates painted silver and glue them on. Super simple and I think really effective. Of course you will need party invites so we have designed these party invites for you, just click on the A5 invites to download them.

Click here to download the invites

Click here to download the invites

For a really fun a unique party favour replacement for the traditional party bag check out these Sweet Microphone’s

Sweet Microphones

These are super easy to put together. I have included links for the two things you’ll need. The just fill with your favourite small sweets.

Make your own Maracas

First you need to decide what to put inside your maracas, you can use a few different materials inside your maracas.  All of which create different sounds.

Filling for your maracas – any of the following:
Sand, salt, pebbles, birdseed, rice, beans, small beads, large beads, dried pasta, rice, dried peas or beans, small washers, paper clips, small erasers.

Other Equipment:

SUPPLIES (for one pair of maracas)
2 x 230 mL water bottles, cleaned and dry
2 x toilet paper rolls
Electrical tape (colorful, if possible)

First take your clean and dried 230ml water bottle and fill with your chosen contents. Close it up with the cap and then listen to the sound. Once it sounds good to your ears, then you can move to the next step. 

Maracas form Wonder Kids 2

So, now you’ve decided how you want your pair of maracas to sound and you’ve tightened the cap on your two water bottles. The next step is to create the handle. Take your two toilet paper rolls and make a straight cut from one end to the other. Tighten the roll in on itself to about the size of a ¾ inch dowel and then apply your electrical tape. Start wrapping the tape around the bottom part of the rattle on the bottle and move down onto the new handle. Wrap slowly, covering all the cardboard of the toilet paper roll and you will have created a rather sturdy handle for your new instrument.

Maracas from Wonder Kids