Summer Schedule - Make it Monday

Make it Monday Summer Activities

This year we thought e would try something a little different for summer and assign a different theme for each day, so we are going to start with Make it Monday, a day designated to crafts and building. I have put a few ideas below to get you started but any crafty/building activity works.

I have searched through the Wonder Kids site to find other activities that may fit into this category too.

Make a Fairy Garden

Blossom Bracelet

Build a Giant Ker-Plunk Game

Minion Visor

Dragon Fly Craft

Big Hero 6 Tees

Make Thor’s Hammer


Ice Cream Paper Craft

What you need

  • paper plates

  • brown card stock

  • pink, mint and black paint

  • red pom pom balls

  • sprinkles

  • black markers

  • scissors

  • glue

  • brushes

Draw an ice cream scoop onto your paper plates with a rounded circle top, a scalloped bottom with the sides slightly bigger than the top circle and cut out with scissors.

Paint one scoop pink and one mint green and let dry. Cut out two triangle shapes from your brown paper with the top being about 4-5″ wide.

Draw a criss cross pattern onto your brown triangle cones with your black marker. Glue your ice cream scoops onto the top of your cones. Use a small paint brush to paint on small black dots onto your mint green scoop to look like chocolate chips. Apply glue onto the pink scoop and top with sprinkles (do not eat).

Then glue one red pom-pom ball onto the top of each ice cream scoop and let your cones dry.

Ultimate Water Bomb.png

Ultimate Water Bomb

I did these last year at they were brilliant so much so I'm making them again this year.  From your local pound shop or supermarket get the cheapest sponge's you can find, ideally you should be able to get a pack with different coloured sponges in. Now with a sharp pair of scissors cut them into strips.  I used 5 strips per water bomb. gather the 5 strips and tie them around the middle, I used an inflated balloon to tie them up (because my house is full of balloons) but anything will do like string or maybe even a rubber band, wrapped around as few times.  Finally just position the sponges so they spray out in like a star shape, get a bucket of water and throw them at anything and everyone!

Ultimate Water Bomb How To

I also made these on a YouTube channel a while back too. Watch the video for the full details.

The Captain Calamity Adventures - EPISODE 31: (Make & Do) - Infinite Waterbomb More details on 'The Infinite Waterbomb' can be found at: The Summer Holidays are great for this brilliant waterbomb creation. It's fiendishly easy to make and unlike conventional water balloons; its completely reusable.

DIY Picnic Tent

Cool Picnic Area

This makes an awesome snack area or a little reading nook in the garden.  It can even be used for costume play i.e a princess's tower or a kings castle etc.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Hula Hoop just from a pound shop

  • Safety Pins

  • Twine or Rope

  • Tulle and/or Ribbon (you can even cut up an old dress or something)

  • Sheets

  • Scissors

  • Cushions and Blankets


DIY Picnic tent 2
  1. Pin the top edge of the sheet to the hula hoop by folding the sheet over and pinning it to itself. (see pic opposite)

  2. Use twine to create a hanger to tie your hideout to the tree with. I used two long pieces of twine and tied each piece to opposite sides of the hula hoop. The two pieces then criss-crossed over each other. I tied the two together where they criss-crossed with another piece of twine. Later I used that piece to actually tie the hoop into the tree.

  3. Tie on tulle and ribbons or any other embellishments you have. (see pic below)

  4. Hang the hideout from a tree branch.

  5. Add blankets and cushions underneath your fort so you can be nice and comfy.

  6. Take a little nap or eat a snack inside your new hideout.

Ocean Slime

Ocean Slime

We now have a huge range of slime available, lots of different recipes and ways to play with it. Check out our full guide to Slime here.

Now before we start anything this slime recipe uses Borax which can cause reactions and should not be ingested so for very young children you should make a slime without borax. Just check out our guide above for more ways to make slime.

  • Borax powder

  • Clear glue

  • Blue food coloring

  • Glitter

  • Ocean animals (optional)

How to make

Start by mixing 5 ounces of glue, the food colouring, a little blue and silver glitter, and 1/2 a cup of water to a container. You can play around with the glitter content and add more later. Add the activator solution and mix well.

The texture should improve the more it is played with. Make sure all hands are washed after playing with it and don’t get this on your sofa or carpet etc.

That’s it for Make it Monday but make sure you check out more Summer fun below, our guide to Slime and our next post will be Learn it Tuesday to keep the kids brains active during the summer holidays.