Summer Schedule - Water Wednesday

Water Wednesdays

It’s another week of us exploring our Summer Schedule idea, the idea is that every weekday during the summer holidays can have a different theme, this will keep the kids interested and surprised as to what is coming next plus we can fit in a lot of fun and educational activities in.

We are now on Water Wednesday so I will share a few brilliant Water based ideas to have fun with in the sun. Dont forget that this can also include a trip to the local water park or swimming pool, maybe try fishing or just going to a local stream/river.

We have a whole bunch of activities that can be included already throughout the Wonder Kids site so I have scoured though them all and include links below:-

Forest Walk activities (great when visiting a river/stream)

Ultimate Water bombs

Sea Food

Find the Fish game

Fairy Garden Discovery Bottle

Minion Target Practise

Making Slime

Rainbow Ice Lollies

Pass the Water Game

Now let’s crack on with some new ideas, but if you want more just try the search bar above for more ideas.

Water Game Mini Fig Blast

Lego Minifigure Knockdown

This super easy activity, just line up a bunch of mini figs on a wall or a container and use water guns to shoot them down. Make sure you have a bucket of water on hand to refill the guns. Try different guns to explore different pressures. You can try putting the mini figs in different positions and distances away from the water guns to make it easier or harder. Try trick shoots like squirting the water into the air and see if you can get enough of it to come down on the mini-figs and see if you can still knock them over.

Wonder Kids Bubble Snakes

Make Bubble Snakes

Another fun idea using water, here’s what you need:

  • Bottle

  • Scissors

  • Elastic band

  • Flannel, face cloth or an old sock

  • Bubble mixture and water

  • Food colouring (optional)

Using a pair of scissors or a craft knife (and adult supervision), help your child by cutting the bottom off the plastic bottle.

With your kids, cover the open end of your bottle with a piece of fabric that is similar to a washcloth or cotton sock.  We used a flannel and cut it into a circle shape (to keep the ends from dipping into your bubble mixture).

Secure with a rubber band to keep the fabric in place.

Now you’ll need to make your own bubble mixture or you could just buy some.

It’s easy to make bubble mixture, but you really need to remember the magic ingredient!

  • Washing up liquid

  • Water

  • Glycerine (found in the baking section at the supermarket)

Mix 3 tablespoons of washing up liquid with 250ml of water (distilled water gives the best results) and add 1 tablespoon of glycerine.  This mix is best left overnight to settle before using.

Place your bubble mix into a shallow bowl or plate.

Dip the fabric in the bubble solution and give the bottle a blow.  Blowing slowly produces the longest snakes.  We had a lot of wind and it kept blowing our snakes away!

Relay Target Practise

Relay Target Practise

I love this idea, you will need at least four people playing. The idea is that two teams battle it out to fill two large plastic bottles with as much water as possible, the team with the most water in their bottle wins.

You will need:-

2 x large 2litre plastic bottles


water bombs


electrical tape

Firstly prepare the water bottles by cleaning them and making a whole in the middle, this needs to be a good size, around 10cm in diameter. Tape off the sharp edges with the electrical tape. Now use the string to tie a loop around the bottom of the bottle and create a strap to attach it someones head. You may ned to add some water to start off with so the the bottles have some weight and aren’t just knocked clean off of someones head.

Fill two buckets with water bombs that are ready to use. The teams get in position ready for the relay race, the first person throws a water bomb at their teams bottle, the thrower returns to the back of the queue and its the next persons turn. The teams should have the same amount of water bombs. I think if the teams have three throwers each then maybe 20 water bombs for each team should work well. Obviously sometimes people will miss and just hit their poor team mates that are sat with the bottles on their heads. You can help to un-strap the bottles and hold them up to see who the winner is, there won’t be much water in the bottles.

Roll 6 and splash

Roll 6 and Splash

We love dice games here at Wonder Kids, we included a bunch of them in lasts weeks Summer post. This time we used a large foam dice. You will also need a small shallow dish and plenty of water.

Have the children sit in a circle around the pan of water.  Take turns rolling the die until someone rolls a 6.  The lucky person who rolls a six then gets to slap their hand in the pan, and splash everyone else.  Continue refilling the water and rolling until everyone has had a turn to splash.

Water Volleyball from Wonder Kids

Water Balloon Volleyball

You’ll need a bunch of water balloons and some sort of divider to split the two team, this can be a line of sticks on the floor, a chalk line, towels or as pictured a large net. You will also need two large towels and four players. One team starts by springing their towel with a water bomb on it towards the team. The other team need to return the water bomb. A point is scored when the water bomb explodes, the point is awarded to the opposite team where the ball exploded.

Water Cup Races Wonder Kids

Water Cup Races

You will need to run at least two long lengths of string across the garden. make a small hole in each plastic cup and thread them onto the strings, now using water pistols, squirt into the cups and race to see who can get them to the other end the fastest.

baby shark relay race.png
Baby Shark Race

Baby Shark Race

This is a water transfer relay with a shark-y twist.

Materials Needed: Two small buckets, one large bucket/container filled with water, two cups (with several small holes poked in/near the bottom of each cup).

Divide children into 2 teams.  Each team starts standing on either side of the large container full of water.  Place the small buckets a short distance away.  On go, the children must fill their cups with water, place it on their head and run to their team bucket on the other side (attempting to keep as much water in the cup).  Once they reach their bucket they dump out what is left in the cup, run back to the starting line, and pass the cup off to the next person.

The game ends when one team fills their bucket to the top, or whoever fills their bucket the fullest after a set amount of time.  

The twist on this game was that I poked several small holes in the bottom/sides of each cup to look like a shark had attempted to bite it.  Not only was water spilling out of the top of the cup, but the bottom and sides as well.