Roarsome Dinosaurs - Jurassic

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Hello and welcome to part two of our Dinosaur exploration. This week is really busy here in England because its thew last week of term for our schools. Wonder kids have been running around like mad for the past nine days providing amazing magic shows to loads of our local schools in Gloucestershire.

Make sure you check out our other Dinosaur blog posts at the bottom of this one. We are going to show you some brilliant Dinosaur themed games that are just great fun to play at home or use them as party games for the little dinosaur fan in your life.

Before we get onto some great party games though lets start with these brilliant Dino gardens. This is a great activity to make during the summer. We have already covered Fairy Gardens, these make a brilliant pre-historic addition or why not mix the two and have a pre-historic fairy garden?

Dino Garden from Wonder Kids

Here’s what you’ll need

  • Large Container

  • small pebbles and larger rocks

  • Soil

  • Plants Succulents and ferns make great prehistoric plants

  • Dinosaurs

I have put some links opposite for the dinosaurs and stones, you are free to design it as you want, make sure the kids help you design the garden. We have included below lots of inspiration for dinosaur gardens too. Using moss is a great idea as well as adding a bonsai tree. Something like a Chinese elm is actually very easy to maintain. Once it’s created let the kids play with it and it can be their responsibility too water the plants too.

You can use the designing stage as a an educational tool too, teach the kids about the different types of dinosaurs, their names and what they would have eaten etc.

Dinosaur Games

Guess how many Dino eggs

This is one of those great ideas that kids can do as they come into a party and the winner can be announced just before the end of the party. Fill a see-through container with mini chocolate eggs and get the children to guess how many there are. Whoever’s closest wins a prize or they could win the whole container of chocolate eggs!

Dino Egg and Spoon Race

This is just a ball and spoon race, just call the balls ‘eggs’. For older kids you may be able to buy some egg toys and use them instead but they are going to be much harder to keep them on the spoons.

Pass The Dinosaur

This is just like pass the parcel but instead of passing a wrapped parcel you can use either a Dinosaur soft toy or a dino lunch box. When the music stops the child holding the dinosaur gets a prize. I have covered this game it in detail on the blog post below.

Pass the Parcel copy.png

Pass the Parcel full guide to play this game successfully

Dinosaur Tail Stomp Game

This game is great fun! Tie a long piece of string around one child’s waist with a balloon attached to the end. They must run around while the other children try to pop it!

That’s it for this week, make sure you check out our other Dinosaur posts below, before you go have a look at the great dinosaur costumes we have found. Great fun to get the kids dressed up for a party too, just click on them to find out where to buy them.