Zootopia - Ring Toss

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Welcome to another new theme we are launching this month. If you are planning a birthday party for your kids then make sure you check out our Birthday party planner. We have literally been to thousands of birthday parties over the last 11 years so we have put our experience into a nice easy guide for you.

This month has seen me moving towards some new goals for Wonder Kids, I have passed two new courses so far this month, a Food safety & hygiene course and a safeguarding children course. We are very excited to tell you where this is all leading but we can’t say too much just yet. make sure you come back soon to find out.

We loved this film and I think we can have some fun with this one.  First have a go at this quick quiz and find out which character you are most like. Just click on the picture below.

Now we have this great craft/game, first I'll show how to make a great doughnut for Officer Clawhauser and then we'll turn it into a game. Here's what you'll need - 

  • Large paper plate

  • Mason jar lid

  • Pencil/pen

  • Pastel craft paints

  • Cream colored craft paint

  • Foam paint brush

  • Small paint brush

  • Scissors

This is great just to have fun at home or make it for a birthday party, it really is simple and to try to make things easier I have included a link to some great paper plates below.  

Donut Ring Toss

Trace your mason jar lid onto the center of your paper plate, Cut out the inner circle, Using your foam paint brush and cream colored paint, paint your whole plate, and let dry

Paper Plates from Amazon

Paper Plates from Amazon

Paint on the frosting with your pink paint first by outlining with your Small paint brush and then filling it in, and let dry. Now you can use your small paint brush and paint on your sprinkles, by dipping your brush in paint and painting a quick dash of paint, then switch colors and let dry. Once your donut is dry, you can create a bite mark from your donut by drawing on a bumpy half circle and cutting it out

Now to turn this work of art into a great game, all you need is a small length of wooden dow to stick into the ground. Set the kids back and see if they can get the doughnuts on the ring toss. That's it for this week but come back next week when we will be having more great fun with Zootopia.