Roarsome Dinosaurs - Cretaceous

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It’s time to get pre-historic and have some more fun with dinosaurs. This week we are going to share some great dinosaur themed snacks and treats. July is a super busy month for us, we have nearly 20 school shows to perform my Magic Show at plus dozens of birthday parties around Gloucestershire and we have started a new colouring competition too where you can win this amazing magic set. This is the biggest prize we have ever given away! The colouring competition is open to all kids under the age of 13yrs in the U.K.

Click here to enter the colouring competition.

Click here to enter the colouring competition.

Before we get into the dino snacks try this free download, just click on it to download it and print it off. This is great thing to do at a dinosaur birthday party, as the guests arrive find out their dino name and write it on a sticker for them so that they can be that dinosaur for the whole party.

Dinosaur Snacks

Lets start with the basics, this dino sandwich cutter from Amazon is only £1-£2, fill the sandwiches with your Childs favourite filling and boom you have a fun packed lunch with a dino theme.

Dinosaur sandwich cutter from Amazon click here

Dinosaur sandwich cutter from Amazon click here

More cutters including the claw used below

More cutters including the claw used below

speaking of cutters, they are a great and super easy way to make fun really attractive to kids. Remember we all eat with our eyes first. The other cutter above can be used on watermelon to make fun fruit kebabs like the ones below.

Dino Fruit Skewers

Fossil Print Cookies

This is such a fantastic idea! Simply make some cookie dough, or use a shop-bought dough, then roll it out and cut into circles. Grab some small toy dinosaurs to make fossilised-footprints in the dough. Sprinkle a little cinnamon and sugar into the prints and bake as normal. They’re super effective and your children will love helping too.

Fossil Cookies
Strawberry dinosaur treats

Frozen Dino Treats

I love this idea, super healthy, easy to make too. So I mentioned above about using cookie cutters to easily make fun food for the kids, you can also try silicone moulds. These days these moulds come in also every design you can imagine. I have linked to some good Dinosaur ones below, you don’t want really small moulds for this treat.

All you need is some strawberry yogurt and a fruit of your choice. We have used Kiwi’s because we grown them in the garden but you can use raspberries, strawberries, blueberries really anything soft and small.

Fill each mould half way with the yogurt and now add your small/diced fruit. We diced up kiwi for ours. now fill the mould with more strawberry yogurt. Use the back of a butter knife to scrape off any excess yogurt and freeze for at least three hours. Overnight would be great. Pop the dinosaurs out of the mould and enjoy.

Dinosaur moulds from Amazon

Dinosaur moulds from Amazon

how to dinosaur treats

Chocolate Dinosaur Nests

Chocolate Dinosaur Nests

A classic favourite for kids, this recipe makes 8 nests.

  • 200g dark chocolate

  • 50g butter

  • 2 tbsp golden syrup

  • 100g cornflakes

  • 24 mini eggs

    Melt the chocolate, butter & golden syrup together in a bowl in the microwave (on short bursts) or over a pan of boiling water

    Stir in the cornflakes and mix until well coated

    Spoon into muffin cases and make a well in the centre

    Add 3 mini eggs to each nest & place in the fridge to firm up

Dinosaur Nests from Wonder Kids

How about some free party food labels to download? We have some for you, just scroll down to the bottom of this post for them. First we have some great dinosaur birthday cake inspiration for you.

Just click on the image opposite to download your free party food tents, place them next to the snacks for great party themed food. I have also included some more links below that I found whilst researching this series of blog posts. They are affiliate links which means Amazon throws me some pennies (not literally, Ouch!) if you buy any of them. this does not affect the price you pay and it’s a great way to support us if you have found this helpful at all.