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This week I have handpicked some great print outs that you can use.  I have two great games for you later on but for now check out these cool birthday party invitations.  They have been added to our awesome Party Invitation library. You can buy any of our invites for just £1.99 to download and print at home alternatively if you book one of our Magic Parties or Sleepover Parties we will post out one of our invite designs for free!

I love this next idea, although it's not completely Zootopia themed, it is zoo animal themed.  You can use these in a basic way and take them with the kids when you visit the zoo next.  The first child to find all of their animals at the zoo wins.  I prefer however to find some small zoo toys like the ones I have included below. Hide them all over the house, this is great to do once the kids have gone to bed and then set them the challenge to find the animals at some point the following day.  Make sure you play some Jungle themed music or Zootopia themed music whilst playing.  This game is great fun.  Here is the official Zootropolis album.

If you love scavenger Hunts then you need this pack! 12 of our best designed scavenger hunts available in one Instant Download, includes the zoo finder above.

Your kids will have endless fun with these, they cover camping, zoo trips, library trips, ponds, mini beasts, birds, the senses, beach fun, nature walks, colours and sealife, get yours today.

Zoo Animal toys on Amazon

Zoo Animal toys on Amazon


Last but not least this week I have a Zootopia bingo game you can print out for free!  Now if you have been visiting Wonder Kids for any reasonable amount of time then you'll know that we are not shy of game of bingo, just use the search bar at the top of the page and type in bingo for all of our other versions of bingo. First you'll need to click on the picture opposite to print of your Bingo cards.  Now you just need the playing cards.  So click on the pic below to print off the playing cards, you'll need to print them off and cut out the cards.  To play you will also need some sort of counters, We use jellybeans, small coins or plastic counters if you have them.  The playing cards get mixed up and turn face down.  They are revealed one at a time and if one of the players has a matching card on their bingo board they then get to put a counter on their board.  The first person to fill a row on their bingo boards wins.  That's it for this week but trust me when I say we have the best still to come with more great ideas for you next week.