Pokemon Go - Poke Party

Pokemon Go.jpg

Pokemon Go has been nothing short of a phenomenon! So I thought I would have a go at showing you some great ideas for a Pokemon Party. Obviously the kids could just play Pokemon Go at a Pokemon Party but I wanted to go a little further than that. Every week this month I will bring a bunch of ideas so that you can build the best Pokemon Party ever.


This week I am going to focus on keeping the kids busy whilst they are arriving.  The kids never all arrive at the same time, you have some early birds, peoplel bang on time and of course the odd late comer too.  So set up a few simple ideas to keep everybody busy whilst you are waiting for everyone to come.  It's been a while but colouring pages are perfect for this task.  There was a time where I was giving colouring pages in every blog post but it's been a while since I last did some colouring pages so here you go, just set up a table with some pens/pencils etc and leave the kids to it. Just click on the pictures you want to print out.

How about draw your own Pokemon Cards? let their creativity fly with this cool template, it's completely free just click on the picture to print out as many as you like. The kids can design their own pocket monster and give it it's own attributes too.

Become your own Pokemon! take a picture of each child as they arrive and then load them up to one of the website’s below. Print off their very own Pokemon Card, obviously one person on their own can not do all of this but if you have a helper or two then this idea will be a sure fire hit. You can include a print out of their custom Pokemon cards in the party bags at the end of the party.