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We’ve come to our final post on Dinosaurs but fear not I have some great ideas for our last exploration. Lets kick off with these great Party Invites, they have now been added to our Party Invite Library.

At the bottom of this post I have included a Paleontologist passport as a free download. This will tie all of our blog posts together and help to create a brilliant party or just a fun day at home for you.

Dino Dig Game

Dinosaur Dig Game

This is another super simple activity, just fill large containers with rice or play sand and bury some small toy dinosaurs in there. You can either have one large container and have a few kids finding the dinosaurs or have smaller individual trays. This kids will love playing in the sand with the dinosaurs for ages and this activity features in our Paleontologist’s Passport we have included below.

Dino Ice

Dinosaur Ice Eggscavation

For this you will need some very small dinosaur toys, you can often find tubes or tubs of dinosaurs at toy shops.  I am going to give you the easiest way to get pretty much anything into a balloon.  First turn the balloon inside out, then place the small toy on the bulb of the balloon and turn it back around whilst holding the toy in place.  It may take a couple of attempts but it should be easier than trying to put the toy down the neck of the balloon.  Fill the balloons with water and place on a baking tray.  Put everything in the freezer, normally overnight works fine but it may take longer.

Now the fun can start, I like to do this on a nice summer day, out in the garden, the kids can use their toys to smash at the eggs, use warm water to put over or even show them how table salt dissolves ice.

Dino Prints

Dinosaur Footprint Flip Flops

Now on to the big one, I always like to finish theses packs with a bigger activity.  Some people may find this one challenging but just take your time and follow the steps to make something really cool that you can use at home or take on holiday with you.

what you'll need:

  • Wood from a craft shop, modelling wood very thin

  • Hot Glue

  • Saw

  • sand paper

  • Ribbon

  • Craft Foam

  • Craft knife

  • paint

  • roll of paper

You should be able to find all of this from a craft shop. Measure and mark out on the sheet of wood the size of the flip flops, you can use your childs shoe to get an idea of the size. Saw the pieces out and sand down all the edges and both sides.  You do not want splinters in kids feet.

Dino Print 2

I found the best way to do the next bit is just to custom make them for the childs feet, so get them to stand on a piece of sanded down wood whilst you make a mark with a pencil for where you need the straps (ribbon) to go. Now put a drop of hot glue at the top where it will fit between the first two toes. Put down some ribbon angling it towards the bottom, add another drop of hot glue and then put down the second ribbon.

Now all you need is a dinosaur foot to go on the bottom. So just click the button below for a dino foot template that you can print out as a template. Use this template to cut out the shape from the craft foam. Ideally you want the foam to be quite thick but if it's not don't worry you can just layer it up. Use the hot glue once again to glue the dino foot to the bottom of the flip flop.

All thats left to do is roll out some paper and get some paint on the dino feet. You could let the kids stamp in some paint but that could be messy, try a paint brush or roller to get paint on the dino feet. You can also use water on a dry pavement to get dinosaur foot print or at the beach in some slightly wet sand.

Palaeontologist Passport

Dino Stamps

Dino Stamps

I love this idea, at the start of the party or fun day every child gets one of the Paleontologist Passports. Each book includes seven activities that we have covered over the course of all our fun Dinosaur posts. Included in the book is

  • Dino Mask

  • Dino Dig

  • Tail Stomp

  • Egg & Spoon Race

  • Pass the Dino

  • Dino Egg Hunt

  • Ice Eggscavation

Once the children complete one of the activities above they get a stamp in their books on the correct page. A stamp like the one opposite would be brilliant. Now it’s up to you wether you want all the kids doing the same activity or if you set up each activity and just let the kids move around each activity and fill their own books up. I prefer the latter but I think you will need lots of helpers to man the other activities and help the kids.

Palaeontologist Passport free download click here

Palaeontologist Passport free download click here